Alternative Ways to Learn Spanish in Barcelona

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Alternative Ways to Learn Spanish in Barcelona 1 Alternative Ways to Learn Spanish in Barcelona

Alternative Ways to Learn Spanish in Barcelona

There are plenty of language schools in Barcelona, however, they tend to be pricey and overcrowded. So, while living here, take advantage of alternative ways to learn Spanish in Barcelona! Why would you sit in a stuffy classroom when you can enjoy a drink and improve on your Spanish? Rather than sitting in a classroom full of students, you can pay the same for one on one tutoring. If you feel more suited to less conventional ways of learning Spanish, read on!


1. Tus Clases Particulares

1.950.392 people have used this website in order to find private classes called “clases particulares” in Spanish.

The premise of the site is to match teachers to pupils in any subject. Teachers advertise their expertise and create their profile. Their profile can suggest their teaching style. You can also opt to meet in public instead of at home. You can meet for coffee or go to a bar! This way you can easily meet new people and also learn how to speak Spanish with a native speaker. Talking to someone whose Spanish is his native language is a lot more effective!

2. Language Exchange in Barcelona – Tandem

Let’s practice a language while we meet new friends! As of January the 20th, there have been 114 successful meetups in Barcelona! Angels have created this Facebook group – they arrange meetings almost every day of the week for like-minded individuals who want to have fun whilst improving their Spanish!


3. Learn Spanish with mobile apps

There are many, many applications with which you can learn Spanish! In fact, almost all of them can teach you Spanish, as the language is spoken by nearly 400 millions of people. You can try some of these apps: Babbel, Duolingo, Bussu or Mamrise.


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