Top Tips for Relocating Abroad: An Interview with Roadway Moving


Top Tips for Relocating Abroad: An Interview with Roadway Moving

Planning on relocating abroad isn’t an easy task. You need to prepare yourself and be ready to deal with the challenges that come with moving across the borders. For some, moving internationally can be a lifelong dream, but you have to do it right so you can make the transition as stress-free as possible.

This week we caught up with Roadway Moving, a New York-based re-location company, to get a professional perspective on how to make your relocating abroad go as smoothly as possible!

Thanks for joining us today, we are really excited to be working with you. As an international real estate agency, our clients come to Barcelona from across the world, often having to pack up their entire lives and move continents. What first steps would you recommend that they take to start the process off on the right foot?

First of all, thanks for having us. It is always great to speak to people in other sectors of the real estate industry. With regards to your question, I always say that the best way to start the process is with a checklist. There are so many things to do, and it is easy for everything to get on top of you. Before you get started, create a checklist that will guide you throughout the process. Jot down all the tasks that you need to fulfil before moving. From hiring movers to packing all your stuff, everything will be done smoothly with the help of some simple organisation!

It is also important to plan a budget for relocating abroad early on to help you with the process. Without proper planning, the big move can end up being a rather large bill too! Think about the potential expenses along the way including the costs for hiring a removal company and your own travel expenses. If you can, reach out to your bank and discuss your upcoming international move. Some banks can even offer you free international transactions which are a great bonus if possible! Just remember to stick to your budget as strictly as possible so that it all goes according to plan!

You’re right! The moving process is stressful enough, let alone when it is across borders. You are moving to a new culture, way of life, and environment so there is a lot to be ready for. What would you do next to ensure a smooth process?

As you mention, a new destination can be daunting so I’d advise researching it as much as possible in advance. Nothing is worse than arriving in a new place with no idea of what to expect. As you plan your move, take note of your new destination’s climate, culture, religion, safety, and people. It is worth also finding out more about a city’s neighbourhoods. Where are the best places to live? Or the best-connected transport-wise? Or the best schools? Or restaurants? Or hospitals? Once you get settled there, you need to prepare yourself to understand the culture and tradition of your new destination. If possible, meeting with someone who lives in your new place can be a great idea to have some real-life insights.

I’d also stress the importance of ensuring you have all the necessary paperwork in order. Relocating abroad typically requires some sort of official documentation. Thus, it will help if you do some research on your new country’s requirements. These may include your passport, special visas, and other certified paperwork. It is also worth notifying your government about your move so that you aren’t taxed twice! If you have school-aged children, take note of their necessary transfer certificates that verify their educational status. In addition to that, be sure you also ask your doctor and dentist for a copy of any relevant medical documentation that may be useful.

And when it comes to the move itself, from your years of experience, what would you recommend people do?

First things first, find professional help. There can be no easy way to move from one country to another. With that in mind, you have to look for reliable removal companies who can handle the logistics of the relocation for you. As this can be a complicated process for you and your family, search for an experienced moving company that has the ability to move all your stuff in the most affordable way. They will be best placed to help you safely package all of your valuable items and arrange shipping for you. They will also be able to help you negotiate customs regulations as some nations are stricter than others on what you can and can’t import. They are typically able to transport everything leaving you to take just the essentials and a few clothes before the rest of your possessions follow you your new home!

I’d say a take away from all this would be to remember that relocating abroad doesn’t need to be intimidating. You just have to understand that the anxiety and stress you may be feeling are all part of the process that you should get through. By keeping all these moving tips in mind, you can make your relocation enjoyable and hassle-free. Prepare for the move now and start fresh in your new country.

Thank you so much for all your suggestions today, I’m sure that our readers will benefit from your tips immensely. We wish you all the best for the future!

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