Doing an Internship in Barcelona

Doing an Internship in Barcelona

by Marika Wong

Doing an Internship in Barcelona

Have you ever been interested in doing an internship in Barcelona? It is super fun! Travel fills our lives with new experiences, memories and friends. If you stay here for a couple of months you will return back home a different person, believe me. In this blog I will speak about the pros and nothing but the pros of working in Barcelona and living in Spain. This blog will deepen your knowledge about travelling abroad.

Cost of living

Fortunately most things in Spain are pretty cheap. Alcohol, tobacco, public transport. The average cost to rent an apartment in a normal area in Barcelona is around 600€ per month. So if you decide to share that could only be 300 each! Sounds good right? Food is also cheap if you budget.

Exploring Barcelona

My first week working in Barcelona has been pretty great so far. The architecture is absolutely amazing. Many things and plenty of different faces to be seen. If you work here you will see this everyday and you will become a proud resident, who will never want to stay indoors!


Meeting people from all over the world. Learning different roles in the workplace that you can take home with you. Super nice people to work with. My first day of my internship I was extremely nervous,  but by the fourth day, people here at Casamona are starting to feel like family

Public Transport

I love the availability of public transport in Spain. Everywhere you turn you can see a buses, trains, taxis and even bikes! I commute everyday to work and I have nothing but good things to say about the services. The trains are always easy to find and on time. Buses go everywhere you need to go and are mostly every half hour. On weekends there are night buses for the odd tourist who wants to party.

Meeting new people

Every person I have came across here in Barcelona is friendly. They have absolutely no problem speaking in either Spanish or English. They smile or they laugh, they ask about your cultural background and are actually interested!

Wanting to learn the language

If you want to master this beautiful language, I would advise you to move here right now! I studied Chinese in college for one year and then moved to Spain for 3 months, I returned from Spain and started learning Spanish instead as I knew more Spanish from living here for 3 months)!


Do you like food? Of course you do because well, who doesn’t? In every nook and cranny there are restaurants, food stores and stalls. If you are a vegetarian, there are fruit and vegetables are absolutely everywhere in Barcelona, in little corner shops called “Fruterías”. 


Last but not least, the weather. The best part of Barcelona. There is always clear blue skies. If it is not sunny there is still a nice comfortable temperature. It has been proven! The sun makes people feel happy!


In Barcelona there is always something to celebrate, if it is football or a day of a Saint. There will never be a shortage of alcohol, music and dancing.

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Doing an Internship in Barcelona