[:en]Casamona International: Flats we would be happy to live in ourselves[:]

[:en]Casamona International: Flats we would be happy to live in ourselves[:]


Life is very short to be wasted, that’s why we’ve to enjoy every single minute of our lives. We invest a lot of time on education so that we have a good job later, then we try to live healthier and do sports, so we can live longer.


So what about our home? Is our home worth investment?

Let’s first understand the meaning of the word HOME. What’s a home? HOME is the place where we go to after a long stressful working day. It’s the place where we can do what pleases us without having any restrictions of dressing codes and behavior ways. It’s the place where we spend most of our weekends in and even when we leave for a long vacation we miss going back. It’s the only place where we’re really ourselves and able to completely relax. Briefly, Home means comfort and safe.

So the answer is YES, it’s worth investing in our homes.

Casamona helps many people to find their perfect home and that’s why we’ll share with you one of these amazing stories.

Once upon time there was a lovely couple who lived happily together in an amazing flat in one of the most beautiful areas in Barcelona. For years they’ve enjoyed their beautiful home and the view of the Mediterranean Sea. Years have passed and the sweet couple got old, but the area stayed young and it became one of the most attractive areas in Barcelona. They decided to sell their flat and Casamona couldn’t resist the beauty of it. The apartment was the home for this couple but now it needed to be a home of others. So Casamona decided to put its elegant and modern touch on this flat.

The working process took about 6 months and with three magical things, the flat was totally changed. It needed a reasonable amount of investment, talented architects and active workers. Many walls were brought down and the flats system has been totally changed.

Casamona brings its words always to earth, because Casamona only recommends properties, we would be happy to live in ourselves and nothing less. So today the flat is ready to be the Home of others.

If you want to know more about this flat and be part of this story, we’ll be waiting for your email on casamona@casamona.com[:]