Collaborate consumption

Collaborate consumption

150.000 euros for 5 apartments in 5 different cities!

Get 5 nice “ready” to live in apartments in 5 different cities for only 150.000 euros !
How can this be possible? Some new Danish companies are selling exactly this. You get 5 apartments in 5 different cities for the price of one flat.

People are tired of owning an apartment by themselves. It is a lot of work and often they don’t use it more than a few weeks per year. This is for people who still like to come to the same flat every time so timeshare is not an option!

With this new concept you buy 5 apartments with 21 other people. You get 5 keys to “your ” 5 apartments which could be in NY, Paris, Barcelona, Majorca and a ski cabin in France.


How many weeks can you use the apartments?

If you have 5 apartments then you have 260 weeks you can use them. So each family can get 12 weeks of use of the apartments. This way you know what you are getting.


Do the apartments need a tourist permit?

No: you will be on the Escritura with your name. So you are an owner and you will be able to be there with your family as you are not renting an apartment.

In Barcelona you can no longer rent an apartment out short term unless you have a tourist permit, and they are no longer given out. But this law will be none of your concern!


More than 200 Danish families are doing it!

The concept is growing, and one of the companies now has 10 groups – each with 21 families – who are connected to this project. The waiting list is long for no 11 project. You pay around 150.000 euros and then you get your 5 apartments.
It might be a good time to do this as prices are rising.


Golf lovers

We also have a new company who are going to do 3 cities in Spain by golf courses and their project is 12 families getting 3 apartments/ houses by golf courses.


New trend

We think this might be a new trend in more countries and not just for “Danish” people. Casamona will be more than happy to help new companies who want to start this project up in Barcelona. Also, if you are interested in buying an apartment – or 3 or 5! – this way, please contact us.


Contact Tine if this could be of interest