[:en]La Mercè[:]

[:en]La Mercè[:]

[:en]What is La Mercè? It’s a huge free festival marking the end of Summer that took place in many streets of Barcelona. This event started for the first time in 1902 and is celebrated for la Mare de Déu de la Mercè.


When will La Mercè take place in 2016? The festival will start September 22nd and will lasts 4 days so until September 25th.


What activities will you find? Cinema, Music, Fire shows, Theatre, Circus, Literacy.

You can find the program in here : La Mercè Program


Events you should not miss:

    • Projections in Plaça St Jaume: every day – many spectacles are projected at night.


    • Gigantes in Plaça St Jaume: Sept 24th (11:00) – Giant Parade.


    • Castellers in Plaça de Sant Jaume: Sept 24th (12:30) – Human Towers.


    • Correfoc in Via Laietana: Sept 25th (18:30 for kids and 20:30 for adults) – Fireworks shows, Dragon Parade, fire shows, you may receive sparks, so an advice, protect your body with clothes.


    • Fireworks: Sept 25th (22:00) – it marks the end of La Mercè. You can have a wonderful view from Barceloneta Beach.


Go check their website for more information: La Mercè 2016