[:en]Property Renovations: An Interview with Casamona International’s Architect [:]

[:en]Property Renovations: An Interview with Casamona International’s Architect [:]


Last year, Casamona International was thrilled to be able to start offering renovation projects as one of its services. With the addition of a fantastic, experience architect to our time, we have been able to begin transforming properties around Barcelona. We caught up with architect Mile Rubio to find out more.

How does a renovation project start?

A great renovation project starts with a great idea. All a property owner needs is a vision, and we are here to help make it become reality. Once a project is underway, our first step is to visit the apartment in person to evaluate the property. This way we are able to visualise the space we are working with and also get an idea of the current state of the apartment. We can then discuss a budget, propose various some options that we think will suit, and get the project started!

A client has just bought an apartment and they want to renovate it. How can we help?

At these initial stages we primarily act as consultants. We can give ideas of materials and styles that could suit the apartment, and we have plenty of contacts in the field to draw inspiration from. Once the client is happy with the proposed interior design, we can then manage and oversee the entire construction project for them too.

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How much does a project cost?

This depends entirely on the individual’s requirements and what their vision involves. We are very flexible but we make sure that the materials we use are of the highest quality. We have two important criteria: the project should look good and it should last! .

How long will a project take?

If you are looking to completely renovate a whole property, our projects will last around 8 months. Therefore, we recommend starting the project at the beginning of the calendar year so that after your summer break it’ll be ready to move into!

Of course, we also run smaller projects in which clients only want to renovate one or two rooms, or maybe even less! These will be less time-consuming and are a less serious undertaking so they will be less disruptive.

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How does one organise a renovation in Spain, and what documentation is necessary?

Either email us at info@casamona.com or visit us in store! We can get the project started for you straightaway. If you need a permit or any documentation I will be able to process this for you to keep the renovation as hassle-free as possible!

For examples of our past renovation projects, please visit http://www.nordic-developments.com/. We look forward to hearing from you soon![:]