Barcelona Floorings and Tiles

Barcelona Floorings and Tiles 1 Barcelona Floorings and Tiles

Barcelona Floorings and Tiles

Barcelona Floorings and Tiles

Looking up to admire the beautiful architecture is common when walking through the charming streets of Barcelona. But it is now time to look down. So many apartments have well-kept original features, such as original tiles and ceilings. They are very popular in the Barcelonian property market! The restored Barcelona floorings and tiles have become one of the most characteristic elements of the city!

Modern architecture and Art Nouveau

When on a stroll around Barcelona, you will start noticing the abundance of modernist-style houses. This becomame very relevant during the Catalan Modernism period. Before the industrial revolution in the 19th century, floors in Barcelona were in a ‘simple’, Catalan style. Most of them were even covered with carpets!

Factory owners required their apartments to look like palaces. Therefore, they hired local modernist architects to modernise their properties. The carpet design was transferred directly to the floor. Many properties around the city still have the carpets. However, people today are starting to look for the original tile designs to give the property personality.

Barcelona tiles

Photo by Sebastian Erras

Floorings and tiles in apartments

Floorings and tiles are common in renewed properties. This is done to preserve the Catalan history. Indeed, renovated bathrooms and modern kitchens facilitate the exciting modern living environments. Tile flooring and bricks transmit the personalities and stories from the past. Therefore, these beautiful contrasts are born! This makes apartments more cosy and more attractive to live in.

Casamona offers a variety of properties for sale or rent with some of these beautiful Catalan features.

Apartment in el Gótico, Barcelona

Casamona apartment for sale

Ref: C618-XCW

For example, this apartment for sale is located in Barcelona’s Gótico district. The Gótico is the oldest district of the city and is full of history. The apartment still holds its original distribution from the mid 19th century, and has very well-kept features from its time, particularly the high ceilings with decorative mouldings and beautiful mosaic floors.

To draw attention to the traditional tiled floors, natural light is accentuated. Moreover, the entire apartment is painted in light colours to highlight the contrasts. The tiling reveals the original layout of the apartment and underlines the different dimensions in the rooms. By remaining the original tiles, the essential features of art nouveau becomes dominant.

The story behind Catalan interior design is so rich and worth exploring. You can learn about the history and expand your knowledge on the different floors you may walk on when in Barcelona.


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