Casamona new office store in Eixample

Casamona new office store in Eixample 1 Casamona new office store in Eixample

Casamona new office store in Eixample

Our new office store is located in one of Barcelona’s most central and upcoming areas. It is a small but beautiful corner store in which we hope to attract new clients. We also wanted to be closer to current owners. After 12 successful years as a real estate company in Barcelona, we are excited about the opportunities. We are ready for the challenges which this new initiative will bring.

Eixample’s area

We choose Eixample to be the location of our new office store mainly because of the market development. We see an increasing numbers of owners wanting to invest in old apartments with unique Catalan features such as wooden beams and parquet flooring. A tendency that has not been seen in this particular area before. We want to be where the owners are in order to become more visible and to be able to promote the location and its many possibilities to our international costumers.

Casamona new office store
Casamona new office store in Eixample

Our office in Eixample

This new office is not to be confused with the main office which is still located in the beautiful and breathtaking Barceloneta with a view over the harbor.

We intend for the new office store to be a place with focus on sales and investments. As easily seen when walking by the office store, we have therefor chosen to make a window display of our for sales apartments in Eixample.

Walking inside you will experience the unique features of the old Catalan style, and be presented with what we at Casamona define as unique and different homes. This making the new office store an ideal place to approach new owners and customers and to keep in touch with current ones.

Come visit us at our new office store on Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 123, 08037 Barcelona. Feel the old Catalan style while enjoying an apple and the company of some of our amazing Casamona employees.


Tapas opening reception

Opening reception at the office!


The opening reception was a success

On the 8th of April we celebrated the opening of our new office store in Eixample. It was a spectacular evening during which Jonathan, Tine and Cecilia made a toast about the process of opening this office. They also spoke about what they hope will come from it. We even had a small ribbon ceremony where Cecilia got the honor of cutting the ribbon. She was the one who came up with the idea for the new office and has been the one to make it happen.

For those who came and celebrated with us we served some fine wine and delicious homemade tapas. It is safe to say that the evening was a success. We want to thank all of those who came and contributed to making it so.

Today the office has been up and running officially for about two weeks and it is going well. We see a lot of people walking by taking a look at our window adds. The Casamona team also have had a few every week walking in the shop, looking for a new apartment. We hope that this will continue and that the new office will be successful.

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