Foreign investment continues despite Catalonia Referendum – Casamona News

Foreign investment continues despite Catalonia Referendum – Casamona News

This past week saw the  21st annual Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP) fair take place with more than 16.000 visitors over the 5 days. BMP is the only professional and international real estate exhibition in Spain, providing visitors with a wide range of networking and investment opportunities. The  foreign investment continues despite Catalonia Referendum.

According to Marieta Cavero (BMP communications), although the number of visitors was lower this year than in previous years, the quality was still of a high level with those attending very interested in making deals.

The interest shown at BMP is not the only positive to emerge for the Real Estate market in Barcelona post-referendum, as we saw last week with the possible benefits to buyers and renters. In further news, the US company Värde Partners have now finalized the purchase of 52.000 square meters, located in the area of Parc Central, for 50 million euros. The funds company have more than $50 billion invested worldwide (EjePrime) and will be building both office buildings and houses on their newly acquired land.

The political instability of the past few weeks has been a concern for those wanting to invest, but the interest shown in the exhibition and the completion of Värde’s deal is a promising sign for the future of real estate. With any luck such continuation of foreign investment will help to reinvigorate the market and maintain the ongoing popularity of property in Catalonia’s sunny capital.

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