Make People Fall in Love with your Property | Casamona International

Make People Fall in Love with your Property | Casamona International

Here at casamona we believe that if a person is thinking of selling or renting their apartment the most important thing is to Make People Fall in Love with your Property. We have provided you with some very important tips to achieve this goal! Interested? Well then….continue to scroll:


Turn your home into a blank canvas

To make people fall in love with your property it is important to transform your home into a blank canvas. Do not have things everywhere, and don’t have it cluttered with unnecessary ornaments, pictures or furniture. People need to visualise themselves living there. They also need to visualise how they will personalise ‘their new property’.


Nice scent

It is necessary that when a person enters your home, that the property smells fresh and nice. You have to mask up those nasty ‘live-in’ odours. It is a major turn off if a home smells clammy and old. So it is important that there is a fresh smell present to make people fall in love with your property.



We are living in the 21st century. AVOID the ancient, old fashioned style. To make people fall in love with your property have modern furniture. For some ideas click on this link,

People like myself, log into Instagram or Pinterest and follow modern styled housing groups and pages while my mouth waters over these beautiful styled houses.

Modern home


This is a critical tip as this is what people see first. Whether if you have a garden or not make sure the outside of your home looks graceful and charming. Put flowers in the windows or in the garden, fix the up-to-date curtains! If you have a back garden do not ignore it! If you have a balcony or terrace be sure to put a pretty table and chairs outside so people can picture themselves relaxing out there in summer, as they will form their own emotional connection with your home.


Time of Viewing

Have a look at the weather forecast in advance, try to pick a day where it is nice, warm and the sun is shining. The sun is a huge advantage as it gives brightness to your home. Natural light is a YES! Keep those windows and curtains opened! This will make your home feel and look warm to people. If your home is dark, do not worry. You can throw some warm colours into your home using furniture which are reds, oranges and greens. Have a look at this colour wheel here:


Do not paper up broken repairs

If something is broken FIX IT. I know it is much more effortless and easy on the pocket to run and grab tape or paint to do a ‘quick fix’. But no, this is a bad idea, if you are really serious about making people fall in love with your property either replace a broken product or fix it but do not paper it up!



To make people fall in love with your property psychology is a crucial strategy to use. Offer the person a hot beverage, as well as making them feel welcome chances are they will sit down and have a chat with you afterwards.

Make sure the home is warm and cosy, put the heating on one hour in advance if needs be. A chilly individual will not be focused on the home.
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