Moving to Barcelona – The complete Guide

Moving to Barcelona - The complete Guide 1 Moving to Barcelona - The complete Guide

Moving to Barcelona – The complete Guide


You starting to thing about Moving to Barcelona? Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it could easily compete to get on the list of the top 10 most attractive cities in the World. It is a city that can offer all you can think of. If you are looking for business opportunities – its economy will provide them for you. Do you crave culture and entertainment? Well, hardly any city in Europe can offer you more than Barcelona. And, nobody can deny the beauty of the place and that unique energy that you get being surrounded by its citizens. If you are considering moving to Barcelona, do it and you will not regret it!


 Moving to Barcelona

You picked a great place for your relocation! Now, how much time do you have to prepare? Long-distance moves should be planned some four to six months in advance since there are a lot of things to be done before the actual relocation. Let’s start from the beginning. Find a moving company to help you relocate. Moving can be a pleasant experience if you have professionals by your side. Make sure that you book them well in advance since the best ones won’t have an opening for you if you contact them a few weeks before your planned move.


Do some decluttering before packing

Moving is a great time to get rid of all the stuff that you won’t need at your new home. If you are moving overseas, you need to be very practical when deciding what to bring and what to leave behind. Try not to be sentimental since it can cost you a fortune. There are various ways of alleviating the number of items for relocation:

  • You can donate the things you won’t be needing to people and organizations that might find them useful.
  • Give them to your friends and relatives.
  • Throw away whatever is broken or simply useless.
  • Find a storage unit for your possessions that you will still need after you come back or when you are visiting your old hometown.


Pack for moving to Barcelona

Packing is not the most interesting part of a relocation process, but somebody’s got to do it. Once you get the good quality packing supplies, don’t forget to label the boxes. Also, take some time to make an inventory list. You might need it when the time comes for unpacking. If you are moving from afar, don’t forget that the weather might be different in Barcelona.


Find out more about this amazing city

If you have never visited Barcelona before, you don’t know what you are missing. The city will have you hypnotized by its architecture, sandy beaches, traditional food, restaurant scene, and bars. You won’t be able to resist the specific charm of Barcelona.


Moving to Barcelona - The complete Guide 2 Moving to Barcelona - The complete Guide


You will not be able to resist La Boqueria – the famous market in Barcelona!




Apartment hunting in Barcelona

Ok, this can be the least pleasant part of the entire moving to Barcelona experience. The prices are not as low as they used to be. However, the quality of rooms and apartments offered for rent is not always outstanding. Unfortunately, such is the case with many European capitals and you can find it unusual if you are relocating abroad from the Big Apple or some other place in the USA.

Staying in a hotel room or a hostel until you find a long-term solution can also be pricey. That is why we recommend settling for whichever short-term lease until you find the place where you can feel at home. Just like anywhere else, looking for an apartment is easier if you can afford to hire one of the best agencies for renting in Barcelona.

Looking for an apartment is one of the most difficult tasks when moving to Barcelona

Moving to Barcelona - The complete Guide 3 Moving to Barcelona - The complete Guide

Finding a job after moving to Barcelona

Finding a job before you move is always the best option. But, sometimes that is not possible and you just have to leave that hunt for the days after moving. Your profession and your knowledge of the local language will determine how successful your search might be.

Spanish speaking expats moving to Barcelona will probably have more options for career development in the Catalan capital. But, there are many posts available to people who only speak English. Language schools are always looking for English language teachers, so that can be a great job for you if you are a student or someone who is just starting their career. The Spanish are not so famous for speaking good English, so they are always looking for English-speaking professionals in different fields. That might be a good job opportunity for you after moving to Barcelona.


Get your paperwork sorted out

Moving to any new country, let alone a new continent always brings the inevitable struggle with bureaucracy. Spain is no different, so you must be prepared for a lot of paperwork. These are the steps to follow:

  • obtain your NIE (foreigners’ ID number) and you might also need TIE number if you are not coming from the European Union;
  • register with the town hall (empadronamiento – in Spanish)
  • sign up for social security number – this is very important for you to do right after moving to Barcelona
  • get a medical card and you are all set up! 


Open a bank account

Requirements for opening a bank account may vary from bank to bank. But, basically it all comes to this:

  • your NIE number
  • your passport
  • employment contract
  • a proof of your address in Spain

Some banks will let you open a bank account even if you do not have NIE, but you shouldn’t rely on that.


Enjoy your new life in Barcelona

Visiting any place as a tourist is an entirely different experience from living in that place. It will probably take some time before you will be able to enjoy Barcelona as a local. But not to worry – the Spanish people are very warm and welcoming. You will quickly find some friends that will make you feel at home after moving to Barcelona.

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