PRIDE Barcelona 2017 is around the corner!

PRIDE Barcelona 2017 is around the corner! 1 PRIDE Barcelona 2017 is around the corner!

PRIDE Barcelona 2017 is around the corner!

This weekend from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th of July, Barcelona will celebrate the Gay Pride festival to promote diversity as well as acceptance towards the LGBTQ+ community. Here are some highlights of the events taking place this weekend. Will you be at the Pride Barcelona this year?


Friday, July 7th

There’s no better place to celebrate PRIDE than at the village of Moll de la Fusta, where you can participate in a wide range of fun and exciting activities. Move your body and release your hidden wild soul with the Zumba Party masterclass. Then, a high-heels race will be open to everyone wanting to challenge themselves, and the winner would go home with a €250 prize.

When the night comes, be ready to behold the extreme flamboyance with the highly anticipated Miss Drag Gala. There, you can also enjoy the music from sensational artists including Nalaya Brown, Rozalla, Soraya Arnelas, and Fleur East! To make the night even more memorable, stay tuned to join the biggest open-air Foam Party in Europe with the presence of the hottest DJs like Ari Korrales, The Tripletz and Dani Toro!


Saturday July 8th

And of course, the party wouldn’t end there. On Saturday, the Village will once again welcome all the fun-seeking souls with exciting events such as the Water Fight. At 4:00pm, everyone will gather at Plaça Espanya to prepare for the biggest event. The legendary march to show support for the LGBTQ+ community. The demonstration will officially start at 5:00pm and is expected to conclude at around 7:30pm at Moll de la Fusta. There, the PRIDE manifest will be read and a big party will kick off with fantastic performances from artists like IMM Music, Plugin, la Terremoto de Alcorcón, Lucía Pérez, la Casa Azul and Ruth Lorenzo!


Sunday July 9th

After two crazy days with PRIDE, you would probably need a long rest, but feel free to get out of bed on Sunday and join us at Gaixmple for the Vermuth Trans* & Lovers. Is there any better way to end PRIDE week than having a glass of vermouth with good company?

Are you now ready for this crazy weekend yet? You can visit the official page of the Pride Barcelona for more detailed information and you’re good to go! If you want more information about the events in Barcelona you can visit our website.

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