Public Holidays in Barcelona during Summer

Public Holidays in Barcelona during Summer

Imagine sitting on the beach dozing off to the sound of waves as they greet the golden beach of Barcelona. You overhear that the city is buzzing with festivals and events, rooted in the decadent history of the area. You want to ask where and when these will happen, and what they´re all about. Fear not. Here you can find all the information you need about the city’s cultural events and the traditional festivities that it has to offer during the summer. If you are ever in any way unsure about Public Holidays in Barcelona during Summer of Winter please consult this article and others alike on our blog.


Festes de Sant Medir de Gràcia: 4th March.

This town party is known for its sweetness. Literally. On this day, colourful horse-drawn carts soar through the narrow streets of Gràcia, gifting the crowds with hundreds of small boiled sweets, or ‘caramelos’.


Holy Week (Setmana Santa): 15th – 22nd April.

Easter weekend is preceded by ‘Diumenge de rams’ (Palm Sunday), throughout which masses are hosted in the cathedrals, featuring long processions of children carrying palm tree leaves, which supposedly bring good fortune. The more grandiose celebrations are withheld for Easter Friday, when lengthy parades of wooden biblical figures and scenes are marched through the city. Need more information about how to spend easter weekend? Please read our latest blog.

Sant Jordi– 23rd April

For over 500 years, this has been Catalonia’s equivalent of St. Valentine’s Day. Men traditionally buy roses for their female loved ones and women return the favour by offering back books. More recently, however, these gender rules have been disregarded. Every street is showered with stalls for roses and books on this day.  Undoubtedly the most illustrious displays will be along La Rambla.


Festival internacional de poesía: 10th – 16th of May

Throughout these few days, the city hosts many activities including recitals, lectures, concerts, meetings and much more to tempt your artistic taste-buds. These are held in Catalan, Castilian, with Galician and Basque also making an appearance.

International day of museums: 18th of May.

This day commemorates museums worldwide, offering free entry to all. La Nits dels museus is a lesser known event which precedes this day and has 60 participating museums, which have free entry from 7pm to 1am on the 17th of May.


Primavera Sound: 30th May – 1st June

An unmissable 3-day music festival held in the Parc del Fòrum, this colourful affair celebrates equality and diversity, while bringing upcoming artists to the stage as well as throwing in some indie classics to keep the party rolling.

Grec Festival: mid-June – early August.

Built in 1929, The Grec Teatre, ‘Greek Theatre’ mimics classical Greek Amphitheatres; this offers the ideal venue for elegant theatrical performances, musical concerts and dance exhibitions.


Festa Major del Raval: 12th – 15th July

Flea markets, workshops and concerts irrigate la Rambla del Raval, with music from all parts of the world playing out jovially and the scent of exotic dishes tempting passers-by.

Sónar: 18th – 20th July

This is another 3-day festival, celebrating electronic music and multimedia art. It is located in Fira de Barcelona, Montjuic and Gran Via, where electro-tunes reverberate throughout the streets of Barcelona. This festival changes its colours by night, transforming from exhibitions, conferences and multimedia art into a night-long concert, with various DJs spread across the region of L’Hospitalet.

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