A Guide to International Schools in Barcelona

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A Guide to International Schools in Barcelona 1 A Guide to International Schools in Barcelona

A Guide to International Schools in Barcelona

Moving abroad can prove to be an intimidating feat for anyone. This is even more so the case for those with kids. Fortunately, ex-pats in Barcelona have plenty of high standard international schools to choose from. In this post, we provide you with a comprehensive guide to international schools in Barcelona.

First, you must ask yourself some questions. Do you want your kids to grow up learning Catalan and Spanish? Or are you looking for a school that reflects the educational system of your home country? Would you consider the Spanish education system? There are plenty of options in regards to international schools provided by Spain so you must know what exactly you are looking for.

In the city of Barcelona, there are plenty of schools that teach in English, Spanish and Catalan. This is an excellent opportunity to give your child the chance to be bilingual or trilingual. Qualifications at these types of the school include the International as well as the Spanish Baccalaureate. These international schools also tend to be lower-cost options. If at least 25% of those enrolled are Spanish, the Catalan government can subsidise the fees.[1]

If you are instead focused on the benefits of keeping to your child in their native education system, there are many schools that specialise in the curriculum of other countries. These include the British, US, French, Italian, German and Swiss education systems. Schools of this kind are still multinational even if they may be country-specific. As a result, Spanish families alongside foreign families may admire schools that offer this.

This begs the question: which school will suit you and your child? Here at Casamona, we have the lowdown on Barcelona’s international school scene.

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International Schools in Barcelona

British School of Barcelona

With 60 years of history, The British School of Barcelona offers an international environment with qualified teaching staff and first-class facilities.

The school is formally recognised and accredited by the British government for its full English education. IB is offered here and the school’s Spanish ESO and “Bachillerato” is also fully accredited. Every year, students from BSB have been known to accept offers from Russell Group universities in the UK. Graduating students also go to other British, Spanish and international universities of their first choice. This proves the high value of education at this school.

This international school offers an extensive programme of after-school activities and a 4-week summer school in July.

The school has three campuses. They offer education to children from 3 to 18 years old:

  • Castelldefels: Early Years, Primary and Secondary (3 to 16 years) – Main campus, in Castelldefels (Barcelona)
  • Sitges: Early Years and Primary (3 to 11 years) – in Sitges (Barcelona)
  • Nexus: Pre-University Education (16 to 18 years) – In Castelldefels (Barcelona), next to the main campus

 International School of Catalunya

Known as ISCAT, this international school is an accredited British International School. It offers the National Curriculum of England and Wales from Early Years through to Key Stage 5. Full primary to secondary education is provided in the form of SATs, iGCSEs and International A-Levels. The school goes well beyond the average curriculum: they offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme for students and Forest School Education. They strive to educate their students in intercultural awareness and social responsibility. They have been recognised by UNICEF as a Rights Respecting School.

Kensington School

The Kensington School follows the UK curriculum. Pre-school is offered for ages 3 to 6 and Spanish is taught from the age of 7 in primary school. What is different about this family-run international school is that it is regularly visited by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate. Because Kensington’s student body is very international, you can find children interacting with other kids from all around the world.

Oak House School

Oak House School offers a “stimulating, active and participative” take on teaching and learning. The international school keeps up with the times by employing new technologies to help with teaching. During primary years, Oak House is a British school, teaching predominantly in English. In secondary years, Oak House offers a trilingual education (English, Catalan and Spanish) with the opportunity to take up a fourth language.

St George’s

A coeducational Primary and Secondary school for children aged 2-18. St George’s has a reputation for high educational standards. They support the individual, moreover, offering a wide range of extracurricular activities. British examinations, as well as Spanish, are available. There are four other campuses countrywide.

The Olive Tree School

The Olive Tree School is a relatively new international school joining the group, having started up only 6 years ago. This, however, does not detract from the great advantages the international school: small class sizes means it has a familial feel. From ages 3-16, students can enjoy personalised learning following the English curriculum. OTS offers iGCSEs and their motto remains  “Responsibility, Resourcefulness and Reflections”. This school caters for native or near-native English speakers only.

US International Schools

 Expats from the US, as well as those who admire an American qualification, can find a variety of international schools to choose from.

The American School of Barcelona

The private day school is well known for its personal approach to teaching. Students here are from the ages of 3 to 18. ASB offers a university preparatory curriculum which allows students to graduate with an American diploma. Students also have the option to get an IB Diploma. Although the school runs on an American system, you can find many international students from 45 different countries.

  • C/Jaume Balmes 7, 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat.
  • Tel. 93 371 4016 / 93 371 5012
  •  www.a-s-b.com

Benjamin Franklin International School

The American curriculum school is a college preparatory education. It is primarily taught in English, proving learning support and foreign language programs. Around a third of the children are Spanish/Catalan, a third American and third other nationalities. There are 3 divisions

– Elementary School (nursery – Grade 5)

– Middle School (grade 6-8)

– High School (grade 9 -12). 3 diplomas are awarded: the American High School Diploma, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, and the Spanish Bachillerato Certificate.

  • C/Martorell i Peña 9, 08017 Barcelona,
  • Tel. 93 434 2380
  • www.bfis.org

ES International School Barcelona Campus

ES is a multicultural Elementary, Middle and High School. When pupils arrive at the school they offer a language level test which indicates whether they will need extra support provided by the school. There is a focus on athletics and the well being of the student. This as well as individual attention, close academic guidance and personal counselling is of the upmost importance to the school. They prepare students for university in the US. They also offer Advance Placement programmes.

Gresol International American School

A private coeducational day school, following an International-American curriculum. A comprehensive education for students from 3 to 18 years of age. English is the main medium of teaching and students graduate trilingual. At Gresol International-American School, our aim is for your child to achieve more than they believe they can, encouraging students to be the leaders of the future.

French International Schools

Bon Soleil

Collège Ferdinand de Lesseps

Collège Ferdinand de Lesseps, founded by Ferdinand de Lesseps, is the oldest French school in Spain. Following the French education system, the school is for children from the age of 3. It is further accredited by the AEFE. College Ferdinand de Lesseps is divided into two campuses on C/Valencia and Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes. There are approx. 460 pupils of which 54 percent are French.

  • Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 707,
  • Tel. 93 232 1612
  • C/Valencia 314, Tel. 93 458 3241
  • www.lesseps.net

Ecole Bel Aire

  • Ctra C – 246 Km 42 Vilanoveta, 08812 Sant Pere de Ribes
  • Tél:  00 34 938 96 22 67
  • www.ecole-belair.com

Lycée Français de Barcelone

Founded in 1924, the school aims to help strengthen the cultural links between Spain and France through the daily international interaction of kids from different cultural backgrounds. The French Lycée caters for more than two and a half thousand pupils from nursery to baccalauréat. All levels are taught in French with Spanish, Catalan and English. The school’s objective is to ensure that all pupils succeed in their studies and pursue their education in the country of their choice.

  • C/ Bosch i Gimpera 6-10, 08034 Barcelona,
  • Tel. 93 203 7950
  • www.lfb.es

Italian International Schools

Istituto Italiano Statale Comprensivo di Barcellona

The Italian public school is dedicating to education 6 to 18 years of age, where teaching is all in Italian, with Spanish, Catalan and English taught as foreign languages. The international school is approved by the Italian Ministry of Education.

 Swiss International Schools

Escuela Suiza de Barcelona

Escuela Suiza de Barcelona accepts children of all nationalities from the age of 3 to 18. The school follows the Swiss curriculum and teaching is in German with Spanish as a second language. The school promotes both the social and also the personal skills of its students. It nurtures their knowledge in German, Spanish, Catalan, English and French. Approximately half the teaching staff are German-speaking and the other half Spanish. Both Swiss and Spanish diplomas are offered.

Zurich Schule

Most noteworthy, the Zurich Schule offers education in German, Spanish, Catalan and English to pupils from the age of 3 until 18. If offers small classes in a family atmosphere with a high value placed on sports and culture.

German International Schools

Deutsche Schule Barcelona

  • Avda. Jacinto Esteva Fontanet, 105
  • E 08950 ESPLUGUES de Llobregat
  • tel: (+34)93 371 83 00
  • www.dsbarcelona.com

 Bilingual and Trilingual Schools that follow Spain’s Curriculum

Colegio John Talabot

  • John Talabot is a partially subsidised, secular and multicultural school and caters to 3-6 years of age and 6-16 years of age. The international environment offers English, Spanish, and Catalan based subjects, which is the core of their educational project. John Talabot School has been working with this trilingual project since 1976 hence the family-based school has one class per year that allows them to be even more attentive to students.


  • Kindergarden: C/Quatre Camins 83, 08022 Barcelona, Tel. 934 340 542
  • Primary and Secondary: C/Escoles Pies 136, 08017 Barcelona, Tel. 932 123 499
  • www.johntalabot.com

Santa Claus Academy

English Academy Santa Claus is a Kindergarten and Junior School for ages 3 to 12. Founded in 1965, it aims to ensure pupils obtain a good level in English, Spanish and Catalan.

Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret School is a trilingual school for children from ages 3 to 16. At preschool (3-5) children are taught 85 per cent in English, 45 per cent in primary and 25 per cent in secondary.

Colegio SEK Catalunya

The Barcelona Campus is one of the 9 SEK International schools. Education is offered from 4 months to 18. The school offers the IB programme integrated with the Spanish national curriculum. They offer a music school and Duke of Edinburgh in their extensive list of extracurricular activities.

 Europa International School

For ages 0-18. The only non-British school to offer iGSCEs. Focused on providing students with initiative. the 1500 students come from 40 different countries at the school. Students study Spanish Baccalaureate and graduate with 5 languages. They are Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German and Chinese respectively.

  • Av. Pla del Vinyet, 110 08172, Sant Cugat del Vallès
  • Tel: 93589 84 20
  • http://www.europais.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/inicio_s041.jpg

Hamelin Laie International (Montgat)

Hamelin Laie International School introduces children to English, Spanish and Catalan from day one in the infant school. Over the years, English has become the main language of instruction and there are classes taught in Spanish and Catalan too. Pupils must choose a fourth language from primary school onwards.

  • Ronda 8 de Març   178-180
  • Montgat 08390
  • T: 935556717
  • http://www.hamelinlaie.com/school/

 Highlands School Barcelona

The Highlands School Barcelona is an international Catholic school.

For ages 3-18, they follow the Spanish system and follow various teaching methods. This is a trilingual school.

 The English School

Trilingual Nursery and Primary school.

St. Paul’s School

 Trinlingual school for ages 3-18.

  • Avenida Pearson 39-45, 08034 Barcelona,
  • Tel. 93 203 0500
  • www.stpauls.es

St Peter’s School

Trilingual school for ages 3-18.

Santa Clara International School

Primary and High School founded in 1968.


Here in Casamona, we hope that the information can help you start your research on international schools in Barcelona. If you have any inquires or need help to find the perfect house for you, please visit our website www.casamona.com for more information.

Happy choosing!

Written by Saskia

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