A Feast For Foreign Property Investors in Barcelona


A Feast For Foreign Property Investors in Barcelona

Now is the time for Foreign Property Investors to buy property in Barcelona due to high ROI’s, our tailored Consulting and Buyer Agent services, and the low property prices.


The Ultimate Rental Property Investment Strategy: The Formula You Need



High ROI if you Invest in a BCN Property


The ROI for buy to rent in BCN can be anything from 5-7% – The apartment you see here was bought for 320,000 euro, renovated by Casamona’s renovation team and interior designer for around 120,000 euro. So for a total investment of 450,000 euro, the apartment is now rented for 2,500 a month: An ROI of 6.6%. Casamona Real Estate found this property for the investor, renovated it, furnished it, and then rented it out to a Digital Nomad, which we have quite few of in Barcelona.




The Prices per m2 in BCN is one quarter of the rest of EU compare to other interesting investment markets


Stocks are down, bitcoin is down but Real Estate is not down yet – it is still producing phenomenal rental yields and is the safest way to make money at this moment in time. The m2 prices in Barcelona are 25% to 50% lower than other European cities such as Stockholm or Paris. This indicates the exceptional rental market for those wishing to see positive returns on investments. The current average rental yields in Barcelona are 5.7% compared to Denmark at 3.3%, Paris at 3.9%, and Sweden at 4.6%. Interest rates are predicted to rise in Barcelona over the coming years, this means that as a Barcelona investor, you will be protected by an inflation hedge. Even if you do purchase property during this upcoming period of inflation, the Barcelona market is maintaining a reasonable price market compared to the rest of Europe, because the lower Spanish salaries are holding property prices down. Elitsa Vladimirova, Director of the rental department for Casamona, has stated that “Barcelona remains a very popular place to visit and live for both year-round expat residents and Digital Nomads: a phenomenon that continues to grow”.

This graph shows us that compared to other European countries, Spain’s property prices are not rising, with Spain’s yearly percentage increase at 4.4%, compared to the Czech Republic’s increase at 25.9%. 


The Israeli Investors are back 


Casamona International Real Estate has been in the BCN market for almost 20 years now and we have seen the market go up and down. We noticed the Israeli Investors divested in 2007, returned in 2013, and left again in 2020. Now, we see they are actively investing again – a good indication of the value in BCN, says the CEO of Casamona, Tine Mathiassen.


Also high ROL if you Invest in a BCN Property. What is ROL?


Jonathan Wareham, former Dean of ESADE, stated ROL as “return on living”, so whether you invest to live or to have a holiday home in Barcelona, you are getting a return on your living. So, wake up every morning and feel the buzz of the metropolitan city! Famous cava and wine regions plus amazing ski slopes just a 60-90 minute drive away.


Buyer Agent Service is Popular in Barcelona 


It can be complicated to buy property in Spain. Here in Casamona we have seen a great deal in our almost 20 years on the property market in Barcelona, says Tine Mathiassen, CEO of Casamona Real Estate. Casamona is a specialist in supporting foreigners investing in Barcelona properties. Casamona can help you find your dream property, renovate and furnish it, as well as rent it out to a reliable tenant. Casamona can also help you acquire a mortgage, National Identification number (NIE), and a Spanish bank account with Sabadell. Be very careful when choosing your agency as there are many non-licensed people calling themself “ personal shoppers”. They have no insurance and often they don’t know what they are doing. So in all cases, choose an established real estate agency with insurance and an API license. 


An EU Visa you and your family (Golden Visa


In Spain, you and your family are eligible for an EU visa if you buy a property for more than 500,000 euro. Casamona will work in cooperation with Golden Visa expert, Jaume Prats, a Catalan Lawyer, helping you through the process of obtaining a Golden Visa for you and your family. So you can come and live and work in Spain and the EU.

Have a look below at some properties ideal for investments. You buy 1 in 3 flats, renovate them and rent them out!






Another great deal is this amazing Poble Sec apartment with an amazing view !



Free Consulting Tailored for International Buyers


Casamona Real Estate has more than 20 years of experience in the Barcelona property market with a focus on international buyers, which is why we offer free consulting tailored to International investors. We were founded by Scandivians who came to Barcelona and saw a need for a company who can speak multiple languages, have Nordic values and efficiency.

Free property investment consulting 


Casamona offers a free consulting service about the property market in Barcelona . WhatsApp us at +34 645257644 or email us at investment@casamona.com for a FREE online meeting. See www.casamona.com for more information. 


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