Where to go to Upgrade your best Furniture in Barcelona


Where to go to Upgrade your best Furniture in Barcelona

With the end of restrictions in sight, now is the perfect time to give your quarantine realm the interior refresh it needs.

With all of us having spent more time than we would have liked within the 4 walls of our houses and apartments over the past 12 months, and seeing our apartments transform into gyms, restaurants, schools, and offices; many of us have grown sick of the place we call home.
Although, here at Casamona International we of course would always encourage the purchase or rental of a new home for the ultimate spring refresh, (see our options for rental properties here, and sales properties here) this is not always a viable option.
Casamona are also able to offer advice and consultation on renovation firms with whom we have partnerships.
However, sometimes in order to feel as though you are in a new space, an upgrade of décor and furniture is all you need. In Barcelona, we are fortunate enough to be spoilt for choice when it comes to boutique furniture stores that mean you don’t have to navigate the thousands of pages of a certain Swedish furniture website that shall not be named.
We have amalgamated a list of furniture stores that will cater for every taste:




Ikiru: If lockdown has left you with the urge to “Marie Kondo” your living space Ikiru will give you the complete Japanese style makeover you’re craving. With the original concept having stemmed from the traditional Japanese futon, but expanding over the past 3 decades  to include all types of furniture including everything from dividing screens to bed frames and storage facilities, Ikiru will outfit your home to provide you with the perfect feng shui to optimise your living space.

Price Point: €€





Domestico shop: With their flagship store located in Diagonal Domestico shop offers everything one could need to completely refurnish your home, from furniture to lighting to carpets, Domestico shop truly is the “one -stop-shop” for your home’s post – Covid revamp. Labelling itself as a leader in the online furniture and interior furnishings market in Spain Domestico shop offers 100% original products, providing an exclusivity hard to find elsewhere.

Price Point: €€€





Banni: If you get a little carried away with the refurnishing of your home and decide that your space needs a complete refurb look no further than Banni. Having completed renovations on multiple commercial properties, Banni can offer you the luxury hotel experience that so many of us have missed over the past 12 months – but this time in the comfort of  your own home.

Price point: POA





Kave Home: With the mission statement of the company being to deliver high quality design products with an impeccable service, Kave does not disappoint. Offering top quality home products at a mid – level price range in over 80 countries, with it’s Spring/ Summer 21 editorial Kave can bring the essence of the Mediterranean through your front door.

Price point: €€





Jaime Beriestain studio: Located just steps away from Gaudi’s La Pedrera building, Jaime Beriestain’s showroom displays a selection of restored, mid-century furniture, books and other decoration objects. Jaime’s designs include a wide variety of furnishing objects including lamps, chairs and rugs. Beriestain’s vision is second to none, bringing interiors formerly only seen in the pages of Architectural Digest and Vogue into private residences.

Price point: POA


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