Why This is the Time to Sell Your Property

Why This is the Time to Sell Your Property

Sell your property


Why it is time to sell your property in Barcelona?

A new report carried out by the real-estate portal Idealista shines a light on the current sale situation in Barcelona. In fact, the prognosis looks good for those of you who haven’t had your property on the market for more than a year. And for those of you thinking about selling it’s time to sell your property!

Looking at the numbers, 50% of all properties for sale in Barcelona are being sold within 3 months. This is making the chances of finding a buyer for your property very unlikely if it has been on the market for 1 year. That is, of course, unless you make some changes – either by redoing the interior design or reducing the price. Avoid reaching this point by reading our blogpost about how little it takes to change the entire appearance of your property.

Location and demands

The numbers also reveal there are some districts of Barcelona in which properties are selling faster due to popularity. The best-selling area in April 2016 was Eixample, with 22,8 percent of all sales. As one of our offices is located in that specific area, we can see how properties rapidly are changing owners. Amongst other districts in which the sales are done particularly quickly, the report mentions Sant Martí(16,5%). Horta Guinardó is also quick in sales with 13,9% and Grácia with 11,4%.

But location is not the only thing that is important to the clients. At the moment the majority of property seekers are looking for something with 3 or more bedrooms. In fact, the average size of properties sold in April 2016, 93 square meters or less. Just 17,2 percent of all buyers chose properties measuring more than 120 square meters.


For properties sold in April 2016, the average price was about 324.000 but 27,8 percent of all sales were sold for 20 percent more than the average area price whereas a mere 12,7 percent were sold for less. Looking at all districts in Barcelona during April 2016, around 60 percent of all sales involved properties for less than 300.000 euros. Furthermore, 12,7 percent involved properties between 500.000 and 750.000 euros.


Now that you have all information on why it’s time to sell your property in Barcelona contact us if you need more information!