Casamona International: Against Housing Discrimination

The Casamona team would like to address housing discrimination, an important issue within the Barcelona housing market that is not only a question of common business sense but also of humane respect.

Housing discrimination has been a recurring problem in this city, with some owners having requirements on housing based on race, gender, religion, ethnicity, or sexuality. While some requirements such as students or for short-term stay are within reason, others are simply discriminatory and in violation of the most basic human need: shelter. At Casamona, we want to ensure our clients that we plan to provide fair housing opportunities for them and their families. Here are the reason why this is important to us…

1. We are an international team.

Mexico, France, Denmark, Colombia, the US, Zimbabwe, England, Romania..

At Casamona, we are proud of our diverse team and feel that this is one of the biggest factors to our success. We learn from one another and each of our contributing experiences helps our company better understand interpersonal relationships with our clients. At any moment, our office is able to speak in at least 5 different languages.

All of these factors of our international team relate back to our core values of acceptance, communication, and learning. It is important to us that we reflect these values not only within our office, but with our properties as well.

2. Housing is a universal right AND the law.

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The United Nations has passed and reformed numerous declarations of non-discriminatory housing protections, that most member states have ratified. History has show repeated societal patterns of discrimination in housing that has prevented families to provide basic shelter for their families. Now, with rising global patterns of migration in relations to world events and greater opportunities, these basic principles have never been more essential. The European Union (EU) has also adapted their own housing protections that all member states must follow. These protections extend to class, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexuality. The consequences of breaking these laws can result in trial and conviction within individual state courts or in the European Court System.

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3. It’s good business.

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The Barcelona housing market has seen better days as it faces the political backlash of the referendum. Housing prices have fallen and more rental properties are remaining vacant. As the market faces these difficulties, we must be open to establish relationships with all potential clients and ensure them that they will not face any barriers due to discriminatory landowners. Economically speaking, with more interested clients the demand will rise and so will housing prices. This would translate to healthier revenue streams to all landowners and the city.

In conclusion, the world is coming to Barcelona. The city is experiencing a greater influx of cultures and people like it has never seen. It is time to take advantage of this engaged interest and accept all types of people into the housing market. Casamona endorses this idea from the integrity of our international team and core values that motivate us to do good. We imagine a Barcelona with open arms to all peoples, and where we can help make a home for anyone.

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