Written by Casamona

In Barcelona you can get the relaxed vibes of the Mediterranean culture together with the atmospheres of a metropolitan city. Barcelona offers nice beaches, good weather and great shopping. Together with all this, the real estate prices in the city is considerable low, compared to other similar cities. This special mixture is something especially Scandinavian people have recognized. According to the Catalonian tourist office, the number of Nordic visitors in Barcelona have increased from 487.000 in 2009 to 647.000 in 2012. The Danish business newspaper Børsen, have talked with Tine from Denmark, the founder of Casamona, about the real estate business in Barcelona, and the good deals which can be made right now in the city. In the popular areas of Barcelona, she sees a decrease of up to 30 %, compared to the top before the financial crisis in 2008. You can find the whole article about Barcelona, Casamona and the real estate business here.

Financial Times