Energy performance certificate

All property owners must have energy performance certificate and the results of the energy efficiency should be added to all adverts and information of the property and to all contracts.

To get this certificate, it will cost around 200€ and will last 10 years. The property must be inspected by a qualified professional who will submit the results to the regional council. The regional council will then issue the ‘Certificado de Eficiencia Energetica’ to the owner.

The energy efficiency test will look at both the energy consumption of the property, as well as the energy emission. This will then be rated on a scale from A to G (A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient).

It is important that owners obtain this certificate, as the penalty fee of breaching this will range from 300€ to 6,000€.
However, non-residential industrial or agricultural buildings, insulated buildings of less than 50m2, properties used less than 4 months a year (like a holiday home) and properties that are already rented out do need to get this certificate.

Important note!

To avoid complications and to ensure that all the taxes and costs will be paid to the appropriate authorities, you can set up an account with a Spanish bank. This way you will not miss any dates or transfer and avoid fines and tax penalties.Casamona offers a service that will provide you a bank account and a NIE.

Casamona is NOT reliable for the text above. If you are in any doubt please contact a lawyer.


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