The Eixample area is well known for its safe, residential atmosphere and many cultural attractions including the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral. It also has a wide range of restaurants, bakeries and local shops with regular bus services.Its broad, sunny streets offer a terrific contrast to the narrow, shady paths through the Gothic quarter.




As an exclusive neighbourhood, the right-hand side of Eixample is home to the middle-upper class of Barcelona. It’s certainly a good standard of living amongst all the upmarket bars and restaurants. It is also home to families with young children and you will also find many business people in the streets mid-day, finding something to eat before they go back to the locally situated offices.



Unique & Different

Casa Milà
Also known as La Pedrera and constructed between 1906-1912, this was the last piece of civil work designed by Gaudí. Because of it’s greatness and uniqueness, it has been listed on the UNESCO world heritage list for its universal value.

Casa Batlló
Located in the city centre, this is known as one of Gaudi’s greatest masterpieces! It was designed in 1904 by Gaudi onto a previously built house, and since then, it has been refurbished several times. This house is also known locally as Casa dels Ossos (The House of Bones) because of its skeletal quality and lack of straight lines.

La Sagrada Familia
This is another work of Gaudi’s that is still under construction. This colossal Roman Catholic Church started its construction in 1882 and to this day, still is one of the most iconic features of Barcelona. The cathedral was actually started by Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano and it was in 1883 that Gaudi decided to dedicate his life, money and effort into the monument. In 1926, he sadly died and of course, the cathedral was left unfinished. The anticipated date for its completion is in 2016.

Passeig de Gràcia
As one of the most popular shopping streets in Barcelona, it is not only home to the classic high-street shops, but also expensive brands, such as Chanel, Tiffany and Burberry.

Platje de l’Eixample
Every summer, Eixample Dreta has its very own artificial beach open for children. You can find it in a small park called “Torres de les Aigues”. The fountain is even converted into a paddling pool! Just for 2€, you can enter and there are toys, buckets and spades provided. It’s a perfect spot for children and proves Eixample to be very family friendly!



Typical Apartment

Typically, given this districts wealth, flats tend to be large, bright and modern. Some follow a traditional Catalan style, but not without that modern and newly furnished touch!



Getting Around

Metro: basically all of them! There’s easy travel to all the different monuments and the beach.
Within walking distance to La Plaza Catalunya, La Sagrada Familia and Passeig de Gracía



A Brief History

This modern district of Barcelona was designed in the 19th century by a Catalan civil engineer. It was in the eye of the elites of Barcelona and many set out with architects to design their unique and contemporary homes, making it an area highly concentrate with modern designs.



What the Experts Think

Eixample Dreta is very well connected to the rest of the city. It’s rich in culture and history but perhaps little to do day-to-day.



Check out some of the other areas in Barcelona and begin your search, we have plenty of unique & different homes for you!

Latest apartments for sale in Eixample-Dreta

Latest apartments for rent In Eixample-Dreta

Check out some of the other areas in Barcelona and begin your search, we have plenty of unique & different homes for you!

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