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Here you can find all information on the essential services you need before and after moving into your new apartment in Barcelona! If you have any questions, please contact us. As you may know, when you are moving to a new place you have to care about a couple of things. There is the electricity, the water, the Internet connection, the telephone and so on. Casamona helps you to get this things done in an easy way.

Electricity in Spain

In the cities there is a possibility to choose from various electricity suppliers. The information about electricity, gas and water suppliers can be provided by the Town Hall.Electricity supply in Spain is usually 220 Volts (V), 50 Hertz (Hz) AC, in older properties it is possible to find supply of 110 Volts.There are standard European two pin plugs in Spain.

How to get electricity connection in Spain

To get an electricity connection from the supplier, it is essential to have a contract with the local electricity provider. Connection certificate and the first occupation license must be provided when getting a connection for brand new properties. The certificate and license is provided by Town Hall. When connecting all the properties to the electricity. The copy of the last electricity bill to the property, ID and bank details information need to be provided.In order to cancel the connection, it is necessary to send the letter to the provider with the copy of ID.

Main Gas:

When moving into a property with mains gas (currently only in the major cities), contact the local gas company to have the gas switched on. You will receive a bill every two months. Gas can be paid by direct debit (domiciliación bancaria).

Gas Natural is the main supplier for all regions of Spain.

Bottled Gas:

Bottled gas can be delivered or could be purchased in petrol station, supermarkets etc.For bottled gas the supplier will require a safety inspection where it will check the property where the gas appliance is to be used.The property owner will also need to provide the following paperwork:

  • Photocopy and original of passport or NIE
  • Photocopy of another utility bill for the same address
  • Certificate provided by technician for gas inspection.

Gas Companies

Repsol Butano(the largest Spanish bottled gas supplier)

The seller of the house or the landlord must supply the new resident with the most recent water bills paid to the utility company. (The Town Hall provides information on which Water Company supplies a property.)The following documents are necessary to obtain water:

  • Photocopy of the property title deed (Escritura) or rental contract of the property in the applicants name.
  • Photocopy of the passport or NIE number.
  • Official water installation certificate (Boletin del agua) provided by a certified plumber (in the case of a new property)
  • Payment of the contract fee
  • Bank account details in order to set up payment of bills on Standing Order.

There is usually a quarterly charge for minimum consumption, even if no water is used during the billing period.

Line telephoneTo obtain a new phone line, it is necessary to contact Movistar directly. The Movistar website has a search feature that allows potential customers to check if desired services are available in their area, though the website is in Spanish.Getting a telephone line connectedBefore moving into an apartment or house, verify if there is a line (the presence of phone jacks does not mean a line is installed). Where a phone line is functioning and “live” it is possible (and less expensive) to transfer the account from the name of the previous occupant to the new one.Requests for transfers may be done online at the Movistar website and can be submitted up to two months in advance of the changeover. Customers moving within the same Movistar tariff zone may be able to keep their previous Movistar phone number.BillingMovistar bills can be received on paper by post, electronically via email or accessed at the Movistar website. Landline Movistar bills are generally distributed every alternate month. If payment is late or not received, Movistar may cut off outgoing service and demand a fee in addition to outstanding bills to re-establish normal service.Movistar is the national supplier of landline and mobile telephone service, Internet and ADSL.

 Note: The following information may be required when contacting the call service:

  • Movistar bill (if available) or a recent utility (electricity) bill
  • NIE and passport number
  • Bank account details
  • Mobile number of a friend or a neighbourhood


Mobile phones

Spanish mobile phone service operates on a GSM network, so phones from elsewhere in Europe will probably function, although roaming charges may apply. For those spending some time in Spain, buying and installing a Spanish SIM card in the phone is a less-expensive option. Phones from North America that operate on the CDMA system will not work in Spain.

Prepaid and contract phones

For those opting for a Spanish SIM card and/or phone, phone service can be obtained on a pre-paid or contract basis.

Contracts: Service on a contract is generally less expensive per minute than the pre-paid service and billing is usually on a monthly basis.

Pay as you go: The pre-paid card (tarjeta prepago) provides a number and a certain amount of call-time (“credit”). The credit must be used within the expiry period, or the number may be reissued by the service provider.

Pre-paid calling plans require credit to be bought at a mobile phone store, tobacconist, grocery store or newsagent. Some banks offer an account top-up service available from ATMs.

Credit on prepaid phones usually has an expiry date. If the phone credit is not topped up after this expiry date, the number may be reassigned by the service provider.


There are several mobile cellular telephone service providers in Spain:

There is no TV license fee payable in Spain; advertising supports all channels. Spain does not have a national independent broadcasting authority.Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT)TDT is the Spanish equivalent of the UK’s free view television. Digital television provides a greater number of channels and better picture quality using transmission to a standard television aerial. TDT also allows the viewer to choose the original version language, subtitles and in the case of some sports events, different camera angles.Satellite programming

Free to air programming from other countries (such as the UK) may be received with an appropriately-sized and -oriented satellite dish and digital satellite receiver. Many providers also make these television services available via the Internet – a decoder will be required – this is available (usually just for a deposit) from the provider.

Alternatively, it is possible to access UK-based free-to-air (FTA) programming on the same satellite that broadcasts Sky Digital.

Satellite dishes over 1.9 metres in diameter may require planning permission from the local Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) although this varies between towns and should be checked before proceeding with any installation.


Once a telephone line is installed, Internet access can be procured through one of any number of Internet Service Providers (ISP). Prices can vary greatly from provider to provider.Dial-up Internet access

Dial-up access is the slowest and usually the least expensive (at least on the surface) Internet access option. Dial up uses the telephone line in accessing the Internet; this means the telephone cannot be used simultaneously while connected to the Internet.

Dial-up plans are available with usage billed either:

  • By the minute (with rates depending on time of day)
  • At a flat rate per month
  • At a flat rate per month plus by the minute

ADSL and cable broadband

The broadband (cable modem, ADSL) Internet usage rate in Spain is on a par with the EU average, despite the high access prices and slow average data speeds.

ADSL and cable broadband are much faster than dial-up access and allow the user to stay connected to the Internet 24-hours a day. ISPs generally offer bundled packages that include phone and Internet access at a flat fee. The necessary hardware may or may not be included in the cost of the plan; further details may be obtained from the service provider. Plans may have limits regarding how much data can be uploaded or downloaded.

There are several broadband service providers in Spain:

Home and Household InsuranceHome owners in Spain need to have Building and contents insurance.  This type of insurance is recommended also when renting a property. The insurers are providing wide options for insuring the homes in Spain. The policies include public liability insurance, property owner liability for rental properties, liability of dangerous dogs, etc.Household insuranceThe household insurance includes the property and the content of the property. The liability of the third party is also included. The insurer does not have to be Spanish based company, often foreign insurance companies offer insurance for Spanish properties.Holiday lettingsIn case the property is used for holiday lettings, the owner must notify the insurer about it. The owner must make sure that they are also covered by public liability insurance as a landlord. In the periods of non occupancy, the owner needs to notify the insurer.

Making a claim

In case of making a claim, normally the insurer needs to be notified as soon as possible. Most of the insurers require making a claim within 7 days. In case of unpredictable circumstances, the deadline might be prolonged.

Ways to get household insurance: 

  • Directly from Bank;
  • Casamona team can help you to find the better and cheaper solution directly through Insurance Company, if you have Management Contract. 

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Making a claim

In case of making a claim, normally the insurer needs to be notified as soon as possible. Most of the insurers require making a claim within 7 days. In case of unpredictable circumstances, the deadline might be prolonged.

Ways to get household insurance: 

  • Directly from Bank;
  • Casamona team can help you to find the better and cheaper solution directly through Insurance Company, if you have Management Contract. 

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