Casamona International Real Estate

Our partners

We work closely with an extensive portfolio of approved companies which have assisted us in creating a greater network system which allows us to provide and maintain the highest standard of service. Our global network is built up of companies all over Europe and the U.S

Casamona has a great variety of luxury apartments for rent and sale located in Barcelona. Casamona represents and values top quality, luxurious and unique ‘cosy homes.’

Together with our partners we cover the whole of Barcelona, providing apartments for rent and sale all over the region. This is thanks to the sheer variety of properties we have to offer to our clients. In order to keep providing our large international clientele with unique and beautiful apartments we have established close business relations with many other professional companies to expand our portfolio.

Casamona has a large network, including local construction companies, local agencies, renovation firms and maintenance service companies.  This is a vital aspect of how we provide our Casamona service as we can meet all our client’s needs no matter what, whether it's looking for a new apartment or providing maintenance services. One must take into consideration that as we have numerous properties to publish ourselves on our very own website, it means that not all properties we offer to clients are visible online.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements or come into our office and we will help you find your perfect home!