We work with a couple of selected companies to improve our service quality, which has allowed Casamona to build up a large network with companies from all over Europe and the US. We have an intense business relationship with all of our partners, furthermore our values identifies with those of the companies which are belonging to the Casamona network. If you want to learn more about the companies we are working with please click on the links below.

Companies we work with:

International Partners

Casamona is part of a larger international community, having partners in places such as California, USA and Copenhagen, Denmark. Through our partnerships we are able to aid our clients in finding their ideal property. At Casamona we aim to be as diverse and multinational as possible; having agents and members of staff from all walks of life; we can proudly boast a community of 8 nationalities and 10 languages.

DJR Companies

DJR not only develops real estate through its own partnerships and interests, but also offers comprehensive property owner/user representation, project management, and real estate consulting services.


2move provide independent office consulting. They help companies ensure that their lease contracts are up-to-date and in line with the market. 2move assist where needed. This can be in negotiation with existing landlord or at a possible new lease.

If agreed they can handle the full process of negotiating and moving your company.

Casamona loves these apartments for sale

Casamona loves these apartments for rent


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