Poble Sec is a neighbourhood in the Sants-Montjuïc area of Barcelona, situated between the foot of Montjuïc mountain and Avinguda Parallel. Poble Sec is a quiet area, which makes it the perfect place to live for those wanting a more peaceful environment; central but away from the crowds and tourists of the city centre. Futhermore, it’s a safe and residential area which means it is home not only to all the necessary amenities but also many leisure activities and markets.




The peacefulness attracts those who was to escape the bustle of the centre – families and locals. In the bars and restaurants, you’re more likely to find locals than tourists.



Unique & Different

Plaça Espanya
This is an iconic square in the heart of Poble Sec and one of the main intersect points in Barcelona where a number of main roads meet, for example Gran Via and Parallel. This is also where Barcelona’s most infamous and historical bullring is. Only seconds away from Plaça Espanya, you can watch the spectacular Font Magica (magic fountain). This beautiful fountain lights up in a vivid spectrum of colours while classical music plays in the background. It is free and open throughout the whole year and the view at night of the magical fountains is magnificent.

Palau Nacional
Poble Sec is home to the Palau Nacional, also known as the National Museum of Catalan Art. It demonstrates the rich cultural history of the Catalan region and is a true insight into the Catalan style. This neo-Baroque style building has an extensive collection, featuring Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art alongside nineteenth and twentieth century art. You can find out more here.

Montjuic Hill:
One of the best features of Poble Sec is the Montjuic hill. If you have a spare day make the climb up the hill, which is well worth the trek. There is nowhere else quite like it in Barcelona where you can take in the truly breathtaking views of the city and surrounding land. Montjuic truely does have so much to offer. Three times a week during the summer, Sala Montjuic shows a vast range of movies in their outdoor cinema. You can also visit the 1992 Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Swimming Pool!

Poble Espanyol
This ‘village’ was built for the 1929 World Fair and is made up of different examples of regional Spanish architecture. It was created to illustrate the variety of architecture throughout Spain and still stands today displaying the evolution of Spanish construction and design – Learn more



Typical Apartment

In this district, there is such a mixture of old and new. In Poble Sec you could find the most typical Catalan-styled building possible, with traditional mosaic floors and wooden beams, right next to a modern and sleek residence. Many of the apartments have private terraces or balconies and benefit from being in the slightly quieter district of the centre of Barcelona.



Getting to and around Poble Sec

Metro: Parallel (L2, L3), Poble Sec (L3), Plaça Espanya (L3).
Bus: the Aerobus runs directly from El Prat Airport and stops at Plaça Espanya
Distance to the Beach: 3.5km



A Brief History

Official development of this area began in the 1800s, and since then has transformed the neighbourhood, including its inhabitants, its culinary culture and its entertainment customs. This area has become a melting pot of history and modern culture, and once a home to those too poor to settle within the walls of the city itself, Poble Sec has become one of the most culturally valuable districts of the city.



What the Experts Think

This area is another upcoming area that’s new and interesting. There are many streets of tapas bars and it’s lively during the evening. It’s a popular spot for the youth of Barcelona.




Latest apartments for sale in Poble Sec

Latest apartments for rent In Poble Sec

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