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Diagonal Mar

About this Area

Do you want to live in a modern building with an impressive sea view? Then look no further than Diagonal Mar; undoubtedly one of the most interesting neighbourhoods of Barcelona. It is a beautiful area with characteristic buildings from the 1980s as well as beautiful, modern seafront developments. As Diagonal Mar has a fairly recent history, all of the houses are in superb condition.

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Typical Apartment

The apartments we offer in this area are bright, modern and recently refurbished with private terraces and even community swimming pools. The luxury apartments of this neighbourhood offer spectacular sea views from their terraces and balconies.

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Diagonal Mar is an area that caters to your every need. There is a huge Diagonal Mar shopping centre, the largest one in Spain, where you can find the best stores, cinemas, restaurants and leisure activities. There are many different schools in this area, both Spanish speaking and international schools like Frindel, which is an international private nursery. For people who enjoy being active, Diagonal Mar is home to many gyms and municipal sports centres, plus Diagonal Mar Park, which consists of lush green spaces, paddle courts, swimming pools, lakes and even a playground. The perfect place to spend a weekend with the family!

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Must See’s

El Parc de Diagonal Mar: This unusual park, which is not to be missed when visiting Barcelona, was created in 2002 by a couple of innovative architects and it is a masterpiece of contemporary sustainable architecture. The park is divided into sections and each area is created to provide the visitors with something unique. There is a playground for children, a lake, sculptures and various tubular elements. Water is the key element connecting all these areas as it is used in different ways to provide a truly wonderful experience. To read more about the park click here. Museu Blau: The perfect place for science enthusiasts, this museum displays collections about evolution, combining popular science with education and leisure. It also explains how the universe was created and consists of a variety of interactive sections which sets this museum apart from the classical science museums – Learn more Parc del Forum: This park is the hosting ground to many exciting and artistic events. It was built for the 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures, a project with a purpose of contributing to cultural diversity and sustainable development. Currently, the Parc del Forum hosts music festivals, trade fairs and large events and became one of the major leisure places in Barcelona since it can host up to 65,000 people. Primavera Sound: Primavera Sound is a music festival which has taken place in Barcelona since 2001. A mixture of rock, pop and underground dance music makes it an experience not to be missed. The extension of Primavera Sound is Primavera Club, an indoor version of the festival that takes place every autumn.

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Barcelona’s cosmopolitan spirit – diverse and intercultural – is shown by the fact that nearly 18% of city residents are foreigners. The city is divided into 10 districts and made up of 73 neighborhoods, filled with lots of history, culture, and plenty of fun activities for everyone. The neighborhoods are all distinct from one another, each one offering its own best features. We offer unique and different homes in some of the best neighborhoods of Barcelona; let us help you to discover your favorite neighborhood to live in!.