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Message From the Founder of Casamona

“Hello and welcome to Casamona! My name is Tine, founder of the company. When I arrived in Barcelona in 2004 I was inspired to set up my own real estate agency which would offer a clear, friendly and personalized service. Here at Casamona we only offer properties that we would live in ourselves, and each property has unique features that set it apart from the endless options I encountered when I arrived in Barcelona myself over ten years ago. Now, over a decade later, Casamona International is a leading real estate agency in the Barcelona property market, providing properties with character in beautiful locations in and around Barcelona. Why not stop by our office for a glass of wine and an apple!"


I.E., Germany

I first hired Casamona over a year ago to help find me an apartment in Barcelona. The whole process was very easy and overall, excellent. I highly recommend Tom and Casamona to all of my friends, clients and anyone who wants a no Read More

E.M., United Kingdom

Thanks Casamona, you have been very helpful as usual.


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