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Property Management

What is property management?

 This service is ideal for owners with busy schedules, making it difficult to find sufficient time to ensure every small detail is covered when it comes to renting out an apartment. At Casamona International, we understand the importance of providing tenants with all the information and services they may need, but at the same time, we recognise how overwhelming this can be when your hands are full. 

 Through our property management service, we’ll make sure everything from apartment cleaning to taking care of water and electricity, amongst other essential tasks, are taken off your shoulders and into our hands. Through this, our management service is able to coordinate and oversee this whole process, as well as ensuring complete satisfaction from owners when it comes to finance and providing great living conditions for your tenants. Additionally, we can make sure that apartments are being respected by tenants, that bills are being payed and meet every other expectation that the owner may have.  


 What type of property services do we offer?

 Three types:

  1. Setting competitive rent prices: 

-       This is aimed at attracting tenants and renting out the apartment as quick as possible. Our property managers know are very familiar with market trends and check its progression on a daily basis.

  1. Verifying payments: 

-       Our property managers make sure every tenant pays the bills to the owner.

  1. Management of tenants:

-       This is about taking care of any complaint the tenant or the owner might have and handling the maintenance issues. The property manager also has to deal with the tenants moving in and out of the property. 


 How does it work with Casamona?

 Casamona International offers you management services. In addition to publishing your apartment on our website, ensuring photos are enticing and up to date and shortening the amount of time it spends without being rented, we can handle the entire renting process.

 3 types of contract exist

  1. A standard service contract where you are in charge of renting out your property
  2. A second standard contract where you are occupying the property 
  3. A premium service contract for properties that are not rented out


 Our services focus primarily with: 

-       Cleaning

-       Furniture inventory

-       Management of keys

-       Check-in and check-out

-       Arrangement of laundry service

-       Picking up bill payments

-       Dealing with electricity/gas/water

-       Supervising minor renovation projects

-       Assisting in emergency situations




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