Can you get a Digital Nomad Visa for Spain?

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Can you get a Digital Nomad Visa for Spain?

Are you a non-European resident, and do you consider yourself a digital nomad*? Then we have some great news for you. The Spanish government is working on the launch of a new visa specifically designed for digital nomads.

The digital nomad lifestyle is one of the fastest-growing lifestyles we have today, so it is not surprising that countries are providing visas to these remote workers. These digital nomad visas make entering these countries easier for non-residents. Several countries, such as Greece and Barbados, already introduced these visas to offer relief to their economies during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Spanish parliament now wants to provide visas to non-European digital nomads as well to improve their credentials as a global business hub, and to gain more talent and investments. Spain, and Barcelona specifically, is already a very popular destination for digital nomads. If you want to learn more about why remote workers choose Barcelona, click here.

In this blog, we will tell you more about the digital nomad visa and what is known about it so far. As nothing is confirmed yet, we will write a new blog after the new visa launches to make sure we can share the most accurate information with you.

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How does the visa work

The digital nomad visa will allow remote workers to enter Spain without needing a full work visa. It will permit remote workers to live in Spain while working for foreign companies. Spain is planning to launch this brand-new visa to take advantage of the growing number of digital nomads. The growth of this group has accelerated during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and is expected to keep on growing. The exact date on which this visa will be launched is not yet confirmed but will be before the end of the year 2022. So if you are considering coming to Spain as a non-European resident, we recommend having a little patience till the visa is officially launches. You can click here to read more about visas for Spain.

Who is eligible for the visa?

The visa is created for foreign employees from Non-European Economic Area (EEA) countries who always need a visa to enter the EEA countries. People with EU passports or arriving from Schengen countries can already work remotely in Spain for up to six months without needing to get officially registered. The digital nomad visa will allow applicants who are employed by non-Spanish companies or have an income with less than 20 percent earned from Spanish companies to apply. 

When you want to live in Spain, a visa alone is not enough. You will also need to apply for a residency permit. However, this digital nomad visa will supposedly make applying for residency easier. You need to register for a residency permit at the local municipality within 30 days of settling in. 

It is not entirely clear how the visa will be acquired as the legislation is still under consideration by the Spanish parliament, and so many details are not clear yet. So far it is expected that the visa will last for one year after it is approved. According to the current proposals, residents already holding the visa will be able to renew it for another two years if they continue to meet the necessary requirements. 


Why not use a Spanish tourist visa to work remotely?

Spain does not allow foreigners to work remotely from Spain using a tourist visa. Therefore, the digital nomad visa will fill a much-needed gap. Now people use a non-lucrative visa to live in Spain. This visa comes with a few limitations, as it limits the economic activity of workers and is not meant for people working remotely from Spain.

Spain is getting more strict in regards to having the right visa when wanting to work from the country. When you do not have the right visa, the authorities can refuse to process any permits and authorizations to travel to Spain in the future. As a tourist visa is not the right visa for digital nomads, this can lead to problems with the Spanish authorities.

This digital nomad visa creates an exciting opportunity for remote workers and entrepreneurs to live in Spain whilst still earning a steady income. It also simplifies the many formalities needed to live and work in Spain for some time. As soon as the new visa is launched, we will share all the important information here on our website and on social media.

If you are considering making Barcelona your next “office” and will need a visa, make sure to keep a close watch on when the new law will pass. We will welcome you with open arms and can help you with finding housing here in Barcelona! Check out our properties available for rent here. If you want to learn more about renting a property in Barcelona, please read our blog about renting in Barcelona. We hope to see you soon!

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