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Selling or Renting your Property with Casamona

Are you thinking about selling or renting out your apartment? Do you want to do it in an easy, fast, and professional way? Then you are at the right place here at Casamona.

How does it work?

When you have decided to sell or rent out your apartment, you can contact Casamona through our mail, phone +34 931 309 307 or fill in the contact form. One of our sales or rental agents will get in contact with you and will guide you through the process. The agent will ask you a few things that are required before starting with the process. These include: pictures of the apartment, the square meters, energy certificate, the price index information, and other documents depending on if you rent it out or sell it.

Requirements when renting out your property:

Requirements when selling your property:

After that, we are going to arrange a visit to see the apartment and send the marketing team to take pictures and videos to use on our website and/or all our portals.

When everything is settled and ready, the apartment will be published on the website and/or portals and buyers and renters are able to find the apartment. After we have published it, we send a link to you to check if everything is okay with you. When people are interested, they will contact Casamona and we will take care of the client.

We can arrange visits with the client and make sure they have all the information they need. When the client is still interested after the visit, we will gather all the documents needed, such as a copy of the ID, working contract, last three payslips, bank statement etc. Based on this, you can accept or reject the tenant. When the client wants to buy/rent it, we will handle your potential buyers/renters and your apartment with professional care.

What is the value for you?

It is super beneficial for you as an owner to sell/rent out your apartment with Casamona. Besides that it is free from any costs (when renting it out), your apartment will get sold/rented out way faster. It will get a lot of attention from national and international clients on our wide range of professional housing portals like Idealista and Kyero. Casamona will also select suiting buyers/tenants for you that fits your criteria, this way you do not have to meet up and select the tenants yourself. Also, Casamona is an international real estate company, we are working in a professional environment and handle the clients with care. Therefore it gives a nice and trustworthy feeling to the client. Lastly, if you are going to leave your property for a while (for example, when you are using it as a summerhouse) or if you are thinking about renting your property out, Casamona can help you with managing your property. More information about this service can be found on the Management Contract page on the website.


Contact us at or call us at +34 931 309 307 if you would like to receive more information!

We are looking forward to helping you sell or rent out your apartment!

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