Casamona International Real Estate

Why invest in New York?

Opening an office was important to Casamona. Expanding into a vibrant, metropolitan city was vital; our company based in Barcelona is accustomed to a similar environment and similar customers. We believe that New York real estate has much to offer.

According to Abigael, who is the Casamona representative heading up the New York office: “This is a great time to rent, buy or invest [in New York] as prices are a bit lower. It’s a buyer/ renter’s market.” Of course, we want our customers to get the best investments globally. Customers can trust in Casamona to do just this.

New York Office

In 2018 we celebrated the opening of our new office in New York. We are so excited to expand our brand “across the pond” to a new city. As per usual, the Casamona has had a dramatic entrance onto the New York real estate scene with a number of properties in Manhattan and Brooklyn already in our books.


Our New York office, located at 1330 5th Ave, aims to provide both international and US clients with homes based in Manhattan as well as Brooklyn. Certainly, we will find our clients the ideal area to live.


Abigael Maryan heads up the New York office. With 13 years of experience in rentals and sales in Manhattan and Brooklyn, our brand embassador Abigael is outstandingly qualified for the job. She has set the ball rolling and has found a number of luxury apartments to market.

A final note for those who want to invest in New York real estate

From vacation rentals to long-term rentals, investment properties or more permanent homes to buy or sell, Casamona’s expert team can assist you with all of your New York real estate needs, specifically in Manhattan or Brooklyn and can also refer top agents anywhere across the U.S. Please reach out to us with any questions at

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