The Complete Guide for Renting in Barcelona

The Complete Guide for Renting in Barcelona

The Complete Guide for Renting in Barcelona

Moving to and renting in Barcelona, or any foreign city, may seem a daunting task. There can be some difficulties along the way. However, this Casamona guide will help you know exactly what you need, in order to make the process of renting as stress-free as possible.

Documents you need

In order for renting in Barceona, there are a few documents you are required to have. The first of these is some form of identification, whether that be a passport or an NIE. As well as this, landlords will require you to provide some proof of income, whether this be a bank statement or a work contract. If you are a student, it is likely that you will need to obtain a confirmation letter showing your enrolment at the institution. In some cases, landlords will ask for a reference from your previous landlords. This is to confirm that you are a respectable tenant but happens infrequently.

The process

Provided you have all the above documents, it’s time to start thinking about your preferences for an apartment. Most important is your budget per month. Once you have an idea of a budget, your search is narrowed down to apartments suited to your price range. Will you be living by yourself? Or with friends, colleagues or a partner? Number of bedrooms and bathrooms is the next thing to consider.

Following on from this, is the decision of whereabouts in the city to live. You may have good knowledge of the city or have a specific preference to live in a certain neighbourhood. This could be due to wanting to live close to your office, university or a specific location such as the beach. However, many people have little knowledge of the differences between the neighbourhoods of the city. They are all unique in their own way and have much to offer depending on your lifestyle and interests.

Why an agency

Casamona is here to help with the whole process of renting in Barcelona. Once you have provided us with your preferences, we can provide a detailed insight into the perfect area for you. Our services begin understanding your situation and preferences, from there we organise viewings at properties which may be suitable for you. Once a suitable property is found, we act as the communication link between owners and clients. We produce contracts and ensure the process runs smoothly.

We are aware of some of the issues and scams which can be found within the rental market and ensure that these are avoided. Without agency support, many people fall into traps and may be scammed during the process. Issues such as subletting are illegal in Spain. We work professionally to ensure no party we work with are involved in such activities. It is possible to organise a rental contract without the use of an agency, however there is no guarantee of an efficient, honest and professional service.

As exciting as a move to a foreign city may be, it is best to be cautious if doing so yourself. We always recommend the use of an agency. If you would like some more information regarding renting in Barcelona, please do not hesitate to contact us on +34 933 041 or visit our website.

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