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Buyer Agent contracts are becoming increasingly popular in Barcelona, which is why Casamona is seeing an increase in the number of buyers who are choosing this kind of help. It is both private buyers and investors who are looking for a list of properties and coming to Barcelona for its lower prices and higher value as compared to other cities. They need help finding good deals, managing renovation projects, and reselling the property at a higher price point. 

Buying an apartment is, without a doubt, a very daunting task. It is not just a huge investment, but also there is a lot of work involved when choosing the property of your dreams. 

If, as a buyer, you have got your eyes set on buying a property in Spain, Barcelona should be your first choice because of its booming real estate housing market. Barcelona was rated as one of the ten best cities to live in because of its high quality of life and personal safety, according to Mark Stücklin.

Moreover, the sales transaction for homes has risen by 20% in one year (from 2021-2022 in Barcelona). This percentage increase can also be seen at Casamona as we have gained a lot more buyers than the previous year. Ultimately, this has made an increase in the number of Buyer agents and Personal Shoppers in the Barcelona real estate market!

Real Estate Buyer Agents vs Personal Shoppers

personal shopper vs buyer agent


You might be wondering about how the two fields of operation are different from each other. 

The answer is simple! The real estate buyer agents and personal shoppers work exclusively for the buyer. Both work for your interest and get you the best deals on the property you love.

They can both show you an apartment in Barcelona, and both have solid connections with other agencies that will help you in making an informed decision. Buyer agents have more access, as they can take you on showings of the apartments and can help you keep track of the properties that you have already viewed. Buyer agents are known for their expertise and honest advice that can get you a place that not just fits your requirements, but has everything that makes it valuable. For example, not buying a flat on the first floor because of Barcelona’s “strings scatter law” that will allow people to move into your flat and become a great deal of discomfort for you.


The API Certification

The Buyer Agent comes from a real estate company that has an insurance certificate in the API (Associate in Personal Insurance), which allows them to protect their clients from loss of property and other damages. This is something that Real Estate personal shoppers do not have as they mostly work independently and don’t have a proper estate association or qualification. So be sure whoever helps you has insurance if anything should go wrong. 

Casamona has an API that makes it safe for you to choose us for buyer agent services!


Reasons Why Buyer Agent Contract Is On The Rise in Barcelona



A Buyer-Agent contract allows a reliable agent to guide you through the buying process. If you are a foreigner in Barcelona, trying to find your bearings in this new city, buying an apartment without an agent might not be the right call for you! Therefore, choosing a Buyer Agent service that can coordinate and contact 20 different local agencies, and can set up showings, will be a great option. This is due to the real estate market in Barcelona being very confusing for new buyers. Many agencies can have the same property for sale at many different prices, unlike in many other countries. 

Let’s look at some factors that have made Buyer Agents a widespread phenomenon:

Expertise and Qualifications

Once the agent has understood your preferences well, they will know exactly what to look for, so that you are not disappointed by the choices.

Buyer Agents also look for potential hazards, faults, and inconsistencies in the property and carry out a full-blown inspection to ensure it’s safe to invest in. The possible threats may include pesticides, infestation, leaks, and broken ceilings, among many other things that could go wrong with a property. It is the agent’s responsibility to make the buyers aware of all possibilities so that they can make an informed decision. The buyer agent agency also knows the area and where it is good to live, and where you should avoid buying a property.


Personalized Attention to Your Needs

A lot of the time, real estate agents who are dealing with, not only the buying but also the selling of a home and property, can not give equal attention to each client. Therefore, the agents start bringing them options that do not really fulfil their criteria. This problem is easily solved by Buyer Agents, as their attention and care are not divided. They work to ensure that the buyers get the best out of any deal and are able to focus on the buyer’s needs much more efficiently.

Since Casamona works with many different local agencies and brings you the best deals by connecting you with an agency in Barcelona that will suit your specifications, you won’t have to worry about unreliable service!


Complete Protection and Security


When it comes to managing finances, it can get a little tricky with buying a home or property, as a lot of things are attached to the process. If you fail to overlook one aspect of the financing, you might find yourself in a bit of a mess. Therefore, buyer agents are able to secure your funding and make sure that each interaction happening within the buyer-agent construct is safe and secure. They will connect you with a reliable mortgage broker, so that your money is protected and you get the right kind of mortgage for your dream property.

Buyer Agents also offer you protection by allowing you to view and inspect the property yourself, so that you aren’t committing to something, without all of the information. 


Property Management Contracts

Buyer agents can help to put you in contact with a property management contract once you have bought the house, so that you can easily renovate or rent out your property as per your wishes. By laying out the terms for how the property is to be maintained, buyer agents will be able to help you generate the most revenue out of your properties. 

The good news is that Casamona offers a six-month free property management contract once the deal is sealed, so that you can reap the complete benefits of this contract!

Successful Negotiations

Moving on from the financial matters, the first thing buyer agents need to be able to do is to successfully negotiate a deal on a property that the buyer might be interested in. This means trying to bring the seller within the budget of the buyer so that your customer is satisfied. This requires the Buyer Agent to have sufficient knowledge of the real state market and trends that change with time in Barcelona. Buyer agents will be able to save you from the hassle of negotiating by pulling out facts and market structures to help seal the deal and negotiate successfully.


The authentic way of Dealing

There is a lot of confusion and uncertainty surrounding the real estate market in Spain, especially when it comes to real estate agents putting up the same property for sale with different price tags. It conceals the true value of the apartment from the buyer and puts them at risk of paying more than they should. Buyer agents at Casamona can remove that confusion by keeping the process completely transparent with the buyers and guiding them at every step of the way so that nothing remains hidden. We will also set up virtual showings of the apartments for you if you are outside of Barcelona, so you have nothing to worry about.

From helping you get a Spanish bank account to setting up the NIE number, and from designing a sum-up sheet with all the best matches for YOU to choose from, buyer agents at Casamona will be there to make the process easier and be the ultimate guide you need. 

Buying an apartment is a tricky business, but with Casamona’s top-notch Buyer agent service, everything becomes ten times easier and cost-efficient.

Discover how we can take care of your property with our management contracts offers.

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