Management contract – what it is and how it can help you?

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Management contract – what it is and how it can help you?

In every corner of Barcelona, you can see the rich history. Walking on the alleys of the Gothic District, near the harbour and beach of Barceloneta or in the charming Raval neighbourhood – with every step you gain a new lesson. But Barcelona is not only for tourists.

The city has a population of 1.620.809 inhabitants and many of them are students or workers from abroad. They need places to live and new homes during their stay. And as nothing is perfect, sometimes the unpredictable can happen.

But let’s go from the beginning and explain the road of renting or buying an apartment. Nowadays owners want someone else to do the job for them and clients find the apartments through a real estate agency. This can have advantages and disadvantages depending on the chosen agency.

The owner and the agency come to an agreement and the agency will publish the property on the website and will promote it on different portals. This part has all the details specified in a contract, under different terms and conditions. The procedures can be finished after an interested client wants to buy or rent the owner’s apartment. Settled now in his new home, the new owner enjoys living in an incredible city like Barcelona.

But what happens is the unpredictable takes place?

Living in Barcelona can be difficult sometimes as many of the buildings are old. The bohemian and vintage vibe will be left aside if the door is not opening or the keys for the mailbox are lost. In this case, who will the client call?

That is the moment when the client goes back to the ones that helped him first: the agency. Although, how can the agency help? The client can have the option to agree on customer service after the renting or buying contract was signed. The agreement consists of a management contract where the agency performs the necessary managerial functions in return for a fee. This management contract covers a wide range of services such as marketing, training, accounting, and a production facility.

Not many agencies from Barcelona have contacts to help with customer service. Assuming that nothing more is needed, a lot of agencies take their hand away from the client after they are settled in their new home. We know how difficult it is to be alone in a new city and this is why we help you. Casamona International is one of the few agencies from Barcelona who can provide good customer service. If you need a cleaning person, a handyman or electrician, Casamona has it all.

Casamona International – how can the management contract help the client?

With the Management Contract, Casamona can manage the property on behalf of the new owner. For this type, the Real Estate agency offers two levels of services for owners: a standard and a premium contract.

Referring to the standard Contract, the agency and the owner agree to a certain fee that the client has to pay. In this contract, the agency provides the management of the keys and a list of services such as handymen, cleaners or specialists.  Also manages the check-in and check-out of the tenants if the apartment is for rent.

The premium contract includes all of the above and some additional services: the agency is responsible for collecting the bills and mails and cleaning the laundry.  Based on the needs of the customer, the prices can be different. The client can ask for some additional requests like setting up WIFI, dealing with electricity or gas companies, buy furniture and create inventory. Casamona offers a 24/7 emergency number. This is the sure way to know that you are never alone and if you need help, you can always find it.


A real estate agent is the hand of help that you need when no one is around to support you.  You can check for more details if we didn’t convince you. Also, you can see our amazing properties which – why not? – It can be yours one day.  Don’t hesitate to contact us! We told you: you will not gain only a home, but also friends!

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