Interior design in Barcelona is Changing!


Interior design in Barcelona is Changing!

Interior design is an ever changing subject. We observe changing trends from year to year and decade to decade. 2020 has been no different with new ideas and designs emerging and changing. Studies have shown that because the younger population have been brought up with technology, it  has changed the way they analyse and create new ideas. Meaning there will be even more possibility for design as the future progresses. Trends will continue to evolve and develop in the coming years.

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Changing trends in interior design

 Interior design gives people a sense of purpose and clarity over their personal space. The new goal is to be innovative and identify large-scale opportunities within a space. For example, many more people have been working from home due to the pandemic and more flexible schedules all round. This means that having a great working space from home is more important than ever. Many of our properties at Casamona offer space with many rooms that can be designed and used to their full potential. There has also been a more and more common trend, running with the aging population and the new concept of ‘hiving’, which signifies the desire for social interaction. This idea fits perfectly at Casamona as we offer properties in the city or even with shared terraces. Modernism and sustainability are also key trends we have seen in 2020. Having bright colours and lots of sun are perfect to fit these trends.


How design focus has shifted into the home

Over the years we have seen a changing trend in terms of shared space. A few decades ago, in Spain, people met with their friends out in bars or clubs. The home was not something to be treasured. People used to inherit furniture from their families. So their design was not personal and did not show much for themselves. This has changed now, especially due to COVID. More and more people want a nice friendly space to live in, host guests and work from home. Especially for younger people, moving to a ‘greener’ future, the idea of having a ‘prized possession’ has moved from cars to houses. Being able to show off your home has become more and more important as society progresses and trends change. Therefore we have seen many developments in interior design and its focus.

Nordic Design in Barcelona

Scandinavian design is becoming more popular worldwide thanks to Ikea – but even more so in Barcelona. The minimalistic design and idea of simple functionality has drawn the attention of all interior design lovers. The Noak Room in Barcelona is a showroom of vintage Scandinavian furniture, from the 50s, 60s and 70s, great if you are looking for some inspiration. Flexa is a brand that began in Denmark in 1972 and its popularity has made its way across to Barcelona. Perfect for families as the company specialises in interior solutions for children, from beds to tables to lamps. I is ideal if you are looking at designing your family home in Barcelona. Here at Casamona, we also love the Scandinavian design for our properties, bringing in a world of culture to Barcelona.


Design tips

Now, if you are looking to renovate your home, here are a few tips for you:

  •       Do not be afraid to do some DIY – making use of what you already have and making a nice piece for your house can feel rewarding
  •       Trust your instinct – it is your space so you know what will fit well and look good, take pride in your home
  •       Figure out a floor plan – if you are buying or renting an unfurnished property, it is important to look at the space you have and utilise it to the best of your ability, making use of your space
  •       Choose your palette carefully – choosing your colour palette carefully is important when starting to design your home, colours can really change how it looks and feels
  •       Take your time – there is no rush to finish designing your property so take your time to make sure you are pleased with everything


Home Interior Design stores are popping up in Barcelona 

In Barcelona there are many options for good furniture shops. As previously mentioned, Ikea is a very popular choice and it is located right just out of the centre of Barcelona. Popular for its compact design and easy to put together products, the store also offers ideas and suggestions for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom design. Zara Home is also a great option, offering everything you need in your home from pillows to kitchenware. There are three stores located in Barcelona, so easily accessible wherever your property may be. El Corte Inglés is ideal to find the perfect utensils to add to your house, they often have many great deals on and they also have three stores in the centre of Barcelona. 

Overall we can see an increasing interest in interior design and more focus on creating a welcoming and spacious place for you to live in.

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