Best Real Estate Agency in Spain: Casamona International Real Estate

Best Real Estate Agency in Spain: Casamona International Real Estate 1 Best Real Estate Agency in Spain: Casamona International Real Estate

Best Real Estate Agency in Spain: Casamona International Real Estate

Casamona international is a real estate agency that has been on an incredible journey of growth and influence throughout its 14 years of operation. From a vision turned to reality in 2004, to one of the best agencies in Barcelona’s Real Estate Market. Renovating projects, investment, management contracts, and other services has seen us grow beyond just the traditional house hunting business. Founded on Scandinavian roots, Casamona is the best agency you certainly want to work with. Not only for the astounding quality of apartments. But for several reasons, you will discover throughout this quick and easy read.


International, Multi-lingual & available 24/7

Casamona International Real Estate AgencyOur Casamona team is composed of many international professionals speaking several languages. Our main client base is Scandinavians. However, that does not narrow our scale of operation. English, Spanish, Danish and French to name a few, are the languages we are capable of working in. This allows us to assist clients from all corners of the globe.

We have successfully helped Americans, Asians and several European nationalities find their apartments suited exactly to their preference. Working with clients from all around the world has encouraged us to operate with a 24/7 availability system. We make it a priority to respond to clients as soon as possible despite the time of day. This has been a crucial factor in our success and has allowed us to establish ourselves as one of the best agencies. Furthermore, obtaining a customer satisfaction rating of 4.7/5 on Google displays the quality of our service.


High-Quality Apartments & Accommodating

We have a constantly growing database of 1800+ properties with listings adding up to €5,800,000. Our property offerings are of the highest standard. We maintain this by ensuring we visit the apartments before we offer them to our clients. We ask a simple question; “Would I live here?”.  No amount of money is worth leaving a dissatisfied customer, fueling a bad reputation for ourselves. At Casamona we adapt ourselves to the desire of all our customers. No matter how fine the detail, we are willing to provide a premium service.  The fine details make the difference and this is what has set Casamona apart from the competition.

Here at Casamona International, we take pride in providing the best possible service. We have been operating with the quote “Don’t wait for the opportunity, create it”. As much as we create opportunities for ourselves, it’s also an opportunity for our clients and the community at large. We help people take the next step when the path may be unclear. Taking the extra step can lead to possibilities you never knew before. Taking that extra step is what Casamona will do with you.

Come join us, the best real estate agency, as we start a new journey together and find your next home, holiday rental or investment.


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