Life as an Intern in Barcelona

Life as an Intern in Barcelona 1 Life as an Intern in Barcelona

Life as an Intern in Barcelona

I recently got the opportunity to work and live in Barcelona as part of my university degree. It was an unforgettable experience because of the friends I met along the way. But also because of the experience I got at work, and the beautiful city and culture I got to explore and be a part of. Unfortunately, what would have been 5 lovely months in the Catalan sun turned into 2 because of the pandemic. But I would like to share some of the things that made those months so special. Here are some of the aspects of the life as an intern in Barcelona.


A little about myself!

Food Barcelona

Having friends over with some drinks it’s the perfect night!

I am French American and currently at home in Chicago. I am pursuing a business degree at the University of Exeter. As part of my year abroad, I spent four months studying at a university in Rome and was then very eager to move to Spain and practice my Spanish for the second half of year! I interned at Casamona International Real Estate as the marketing coordinator, and absolutely loved the diversity of the team and the friends I made there.

The office was also perfectly located in El Born (at center of the city). I lived a few minutes away in el Gotico, and the beach was only a 10min walk away! Moreover, Casamona’s founder, Tine, always insisted we get out of the office from time to time and enjoy lunch by the beach or walk to our property visits — all to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean climate!


What did I do in Barcelona?

Food Barcelona

Tapas homemade!

Some of my best moments were in my apartment. I love to cook and having friends over with some drinks and hopefully some dancing, is my ideal night. I lived with 3 other students from various countries, and one whom I also worked with at Casamona.

We had wonderful Catalan-style balconies and a large living room and kitchen for when we had guests over. So, I made sure to explore different cuisines! I nearly perfected my sushi rolls and organized several sushi nights. I even became a novice bartender with my friend Lana, and we would make our signature mojito!

This even inspired me to create a fun food account on Instagram to share some of my creations with friends! However, nothing can beat the real deal that is Spanish food! My coworkers and I loved to get together after work and go for tapas and/or paella or even making it ourselves! Nonetheless, food was not the only fun part of my experience.


Life as an intern in Barcelona

Cathedral of Barcelona

Cathedral of Barcelona

I may have spent a lot of time between the office and my apartment, but I always made sure to take advantage of the beautiful city. When going on property visits for Casamona, I got to travel to neighborhoods I would not have thought to go to otherwise. That was a major benefit of working in real estate that I had not thought about before applying! Part of my job included taking photos of apartments, but also of the neighborhoods and surrounding area. Now, I have so many great photos and videos to remember the unique streets and liveliness of Barcelona. Here are a few of the many pictures I took:

I lived near the Cathedral of Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter, and I still find it unbelievable that I got to walk by it every day! I discovered an antiques market outside of the cathedral, and always stopped by the view the beautiful jewelry, books, and records displayed.

Sagrada Familia

A close friend and I near Sagrada Familia

Here is a picture of me with a really close friend of mine from work. We took advantage of our time there by going on nice long walks, eating delicious churros and chocolate, and planning out our next moves to explore the city and make the most out of our internship there.

Parc Guell

Me with two friends visiting el Parc Guell

Finally, his is a picture of mine with two friends who came to visit! If it weren’t for them, I probably would not have had the chance to go inside the Sagrada Familia, visit Park Güell, or go to as many museums before the panicked flight home! A year abroad is a great opportunity to visit friends or have them visit you. I was one of the few who decided to go to a warm place with delicious food! And I can confirm that Barcelona was therefore an exciting destination among my family and friends!


My feedback about being an intern in Barcelona

I could go on for pages about how much I loved Barcelona, but I would like to share how unforgettable this experience was too me, even though it was cut short. The people I met at work played a key role in what made me fall in love with the city. It’s a city buzzing with excitement and diversity, all while preserving the uniqueness and authenticity of Catalan culture. Once borders open up again and it is safe to do so, I highly recommend considering Barcelona as your next destination!

If you are looking for a place to buy or rent properties, visit the Casamona website. The selection they offer will make you want to move there ASAP!

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