Sarria – Sant Gervasi, the residential neighbourhood of Barcelona

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Sarria – Sant Gervasi, the residential neighbourhood of Barcelona


Many think that Sant Gervasi is the best neighbourhood to live in Barcelona. What makes this area one of the greatest? Continue reading our article to learn more about this very appreciated neighbourhood.


Typical crowd

Sant Gervasi is located in the superior part of Barcelona.  It was considered a part outside of the city until the 19th century. Yet today it is filled with many small squares, gardens, parks and nice buildings. It is a calm and quiet area, that’s why many people chose to live in this neighbourhood. Due to all the campuses, universities, international schools, and libraries that can be found nearby, this area is very used by students. If you want to know more about schools in Barcelona, Casamona has a full guide about the best ones, many of them in Sant Gervasi.

People who live in this area are people who have a good income and they usually own more than one property. They live in nice spacious apartments with more than 2 bedrooms. The buildings are clean, have a nice aspect and fit really well with the streets and the green areas. Many of them are equipped with an elevator, rooftop terraces. They also include cleaning and concierge services. Many statistics show that Sant Gervasi is the best place to live in Barcelona. People here work for their own business, speak and understand English and many other foreign languages. The age of the people living in this area is around 25-50 (students, business people, young couples and families with one or two kids).


What to do here?

Sant Gervasi is 3 km away from the centre of Barcelona, but really close to some other touristic attractions. Tibidabo, the amusement park from where you can see the view over Barcelona is the most known attraction. It includes a panoramic area, cinemas and also one funicular railway. Collserola is a park with natural terraces that changed the rural areas with a residential aspect.  Other attractions are Casa Bellesguard built by Gaudi, science museum Cosmo Caixa, Mirador de Vallvidrera or Iglesia del Sagrad Cor. Many cute shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars, and disco clubs can be found in Sant Gervasi. Although, many of them require a dress code and are kind of strict with their policy.

House Price Range

If you want to buy a property in this area the prices are around 900.000 – 3.500.000 Euros. If you are a student looking for accommodation near your university, the prices start at 900 and can go up to 8.000 euros. Prices are higher depending on the location of the flat, the number of rooms and utilities.

To see some of the properties check our website and if you want to know more don’t hesitate to contact us.

Also,  make sure you don’t miss La Festa Major de Sarria which starts on the 28th of September. Specific Catalan dishes, music, and dances, mixed up with many other events suitable for every person. You can check the schedule here.

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