The Top 3 Best Views in Barcelona

The Top 3 Best Views in Barcelona 1 The Top 3 Best Views in Barcelona

The Top 3 Best Views in Barcelona

Barcelona is a place where there are millions of ways to enjoy your free time. The city has a wide range of clubs, bars and restaurants but also breathtaking rooftops views with vibrant atmospheres. However, if you are among those who appreciate sharing a simple picnic or drink with your friends or family on a sunny afternoon, here are three places where you can go to admire wonderful views of Barcelona.


I. The Carmel Bunkers

The Top 3 Best Views in Barcelona 2 The Top 3 Best Views in Barcelona

Located 262 meters at the top of Turó de la Rovira in the Carmel neighbourhood, you can admire spectacular views of the entire city.

This old anti-aircraft bunker dates back to 1938 during the Spanish Civil War. Today, it is the perfect place for a picnic. With time, it became an appealing tourist attraction, which is why travelling there with your family or friends to enjoy this incredible view is a good way to spend time. It can also be a great place of rest after a hike or jog. For the artists, the Carmel Bunkers can also be a very inspiring place; painters could recreate this extraordinary view. Songwriters could take time to think about strong memories before putting their feelings on paper.

This place can be the place where you have your very first date, but it could also be the place where you think about spending the rest of your life in this wonderful city. Indeed, the time you will spend on the top of this viewpoint will definitely stimulate your imagination: it will be the perfect time to review all of your personal projects and why not create new ones!


II. Turó de Putxet gardens

The Top 3 Best Views in Barcelona 3 The Top 3 Best Views in Barcelona

Located near the Parc Güell, from Vallcarca to Sant Gervasi, this heavenly park is another top view from Barcelona that you should include in your “to do list”! The biodiversity that covers the park reveals a well-being atmosphere. Surrounded by Himalayan cedars, olive trees, stone pines, acacias and many other plants, this place of fresh air on the top of a 178-meter-hill will seem very peaceful to you: the perfect place to rest. It may be the ideal place for teachers to come there with their pupils to study the different vegetation species viewable in the park. Moreover, photographers would enjoy that green paradise to take quality shots, by choosing the best angles and backgrounds, highlighted by a colorful landscape.


III. The Palau Nacional rooftop

The Top 3 Best Views in Barcelona 4 The Top 3 Best Views in Barcelona

This incredible-360-degree-viewpoint is accessible on the roof terrace of the museum and can be included in the visit. Here you can admire famous buildings and capture the architectural and attractive aspect of the city. From the well known Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia to the Olympic village. Don’t forget the Agbar Tower or the Avinguda de Maria Cristina located just in front of you when you have a drink on this surprising rooftop terrace! This viewpoint allows you to spot different edifices to visit for the next weeks or days. Imagine yourself, with your closest friends, a cup of wine or a cocktail in your hand, planning hundreds of visits but remembering that you will probably not enough time to see everything the city has to offer!

Another advantage of this viewpoint is that the rooftop is opened during the day and evening. You can find further information about the Palau Nacional rooftop on this webpage to plan your next trip there!

These three unavoidable viewpoints should give you some ideas about how to spend a nice and sunny afternoon in Barcelona. Take a little time to reflect, to imagine, to be inspired and to create. Take a little time with your family and friends. Finally, take a little time to enjoy what nature can offer. And to admire what it made several years to be built and made Barcelona what it is today.

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