Enjoy Hassle-Free Property Management in Barcelona with Casamona

Enjoy Hassle-Free Property Management in Barcelona with Casamona 3 Enjoy Hassle-Free Property Management in Barcelona with Casamona

Enjoy Hassle-Free Property Management in Barcelona with Casamona

Are you interested in investing in a second home in Spain but don’t know how to do it? At Casamona International we can manage your property thanks to our professional property management service.

What Exactly Is Property Management?

At Casamona, our primary goal in property management is to provide an unmatched service that simplifies and enhances the ownership and leasing process for our clients. We strive to maximize property value and investment returns through thorough management, innovative marketing strategies, and personalized customer care. 

By using our expertise and deep understanding of the real estate market, we aim to ensure that each property under our care not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients and their tenants. Whether it’s finding the perfect tenant, maintaining properties in perfect condition, or navigating the complexities of property legislation, Casamona is dedicated to delivering excellence and peace of mind to property owners and investors alike.

The Casamona property management team has offered property management services in Barcelona and surrounding areas for nearly 20 years. Partnering with the Casamona property management team guarantees the highest quality and most reliable service.
Enjoy Hassle-Free Property Management in Barcelona with Casamona 4 Enjoy Hassle-Free Property Management in Barcelona with Casamona

Which Services are Included in the Property Management Contract?

Whether you want to invest or rent out your apartment, our Service Contracts streamline your property management in Barcelona. From cleaning to renovation, we handle every detail, ensuring tenant satisfaction and property security. 

Our property management services assure your comfort, mainly by taking care of safety issues like Okupas fear by safely storing keys, visiting the apartment regularly, and checking mail. We facilitate rentals throughout the year, offer 24/7 assistance, and effectively manage all tenant correspondence. To guarantee that your property is well maintained and managed, we also oversee cleaning and maintenance services, provide advice on renovation and design projects, and represent you at community meetings.

Property Management

You can select one of Casamona’s three packages based on your needs. We offer three different plans:

  • Basic plan – For customers who previously bought from us.
  • Second home plan – For those who wish to enjoy their apartment for personal use or rent it out.
  • Platinum plan – For year-round rentals.

Benefits of Signing Property Management Contract

There are several advantages to hiring a trusted company for property management::

  1. Increased ROI (Return on Investment): A professional property management company will handle all of the day-to-day duties associated with both managing and renting out your property, which will increase your return on investment. It’s a productive method to boost your return on investment while freeing up your time for other crucial responsibilities.Property Management Contract
  2. Hassle-Free Management: A qualified business will take care of all the paperwork and red tape for you, as well as any potential maintenance problems. As the owner, none of those issues will fall on you.
  3. Peace of Mind: Relaxation and enjoyment of your time away from home can be facilitated by having peace of mind, which comes from knowing that your property is in capable hands.

Challenges in Managing a Property in Spain for Non-residents

As a non-resident, there are a few challenges you may face when it comes to property management in Spain. Some of the most common challenges are:

  1. Choosing a reliable and credible property management team:  With so many businesses to pick from, be sure to research and get referrals from family and friends who have used this service.
  2. Checking the mailbox: It will be your responsibility to arrange for someone to pick up your mail if you have a post office box. If not, you have the option to allow the property management staff to access and keep your mail.
  3. Renovations:  Hiring a Spanish contractor is necessary if you intend to renovate your property. It is more difficult to find a reliable contractor to work with when you are abroad. Before hiring someone, make sure you receive offers from several sources and verify references. It’s also a good idea to have a contract that specifies the terms of payment and the extent of the task.
  4. Maintenance Emergencies:  When an emergency arises, like a broken pipe or a power outage, you will need someone you can rely on to handle things for you if you are not in Spain. Give your contact information to your property management staff or another reliable person so they can communicate with you in case of an emergency.
  5. Okupa Issues: Squatters in Spain are known as Okupas. They occupy vacant or abandoned buildings and live there without paying rent. Since it is costly and difficult to remove an Okupa from your land, it can be a major issue for property owners. It is necessary that you notify the authorities if you believe an Okupa is residing on your land. However, handling this scenario may present some difficulties if you are not in Spain.

Apartment Renovation

Signing a property management contract is the most common way to get beyond all of these difficulties. Spanish Golden Visa holders may use property management services from Casamona, a highly credible organization. Many non-EU residents rely on the company’s property management team to handle Okupa removal services, key management, property rental, tenant check-in and check-out, mailbox checking, managing utility resources like electricity, gas, and water, arranging repairs and renovation projects, and helping with emergencies.

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