2019 Home Décor Trends

2019 Home Décor Trends 1 2019 Home Décor Trends

2019 Home Décor Trends

Now we are almost half-way through 2019, the key home décor and interior design trends have been clarified. What we can take from these trends is that SIMPLICITY IS KEY. Forget cluttered, overdone and over thought interior, 2019 is the year of stylish minimalism. Interior design and home décor are completely subjective. However, if you are wanting to follow trends and keep your home looking fresh, then read on to see our top décor tips of 2019.

Industrial style

Moving away from the ‘rustic farmhouse’ style, which has been popular over the past year, industrial style is making a breakthrough within the interior design market. We’ve swapped warm brown tones for more muted cool tone greys and blues, as well as matte blacks. That being said, wood is still very in, but opt for a lighter wood instead of a darker mahogany.

2019 Home Décor Trends 2 2019 Home Décor Trends

Organic and Natural touches

In contrast to the industrial style, organic and natural touches are big at the moment in terms of home décor. Homemade decorative pieces soften the interior, after all, you want your house to feel homely! Think tactile designs, embroidery, intricate details and handwoven pieces. What’s more, sustainable materials are also on the rise in the interior world, as well as pastel and neutral tones to give that ‘Scandinavian’ touch.

2019 Home Décor Trends 3 2019 Home Décor Trends

Forget rigid lines and sharp edges. Smooth and sleek curves are taking over the interior design trends this year. Curvaceous furniture creates a softer feel to your home, contrasting beautifully with the harsher industrial style that is also on the rise. Think tables, mirrors, frames and sofas. Whatever furniture you have – make it curvy!

2019 Home Décor Trends 4 2019 Home Décor Trends
Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional and compact furniture is the future! Many people are busy and on-the-go nowadays, especially young people who are constantly renting. Therefore, this effectively designed furniture is ideal for ease, but also for small spaces, i.e. city apartments. Furthermore, this year’s trends are all about simplicity, even though multifunctional and compact furniture may sound complicated, it creates space and leaves your home looking less cluttered.

2019 Home Décor Trends 5 2019 Home Décor Trends
Layering Textures

Whilst neutral tones and simplicity is in, there is a fine line between being stylish and being boring. Therefore, mixing up and layering textures is a way of bringing excitement and individuality to your home décor. Textured pillows, rugs, bowls, etc are a great way to easily vamp up your home décor, whilst not over-crowding the room.

2019 Home Décor Trends 6 2019 Home Décor Trends

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