Benefits of Enrolling Your Children in an International School While Staying in Barcelona


Benefits of Enrolling Your Children in an International School While Staying in Barcelona

Enrolling your child in an International School here in Barcelona


Barcelona is a great place to live, thanks to all the businesses, leisure, and cultural opportunities, as well as the local lifestyle and the captivating Mediterranean character. Many of those who choose to make Barcelona their new home, come with their children. For this reason, selecting the right school for your child requires a lot of research, a lot of thought and can easily become a daunting task.


Nowadays, international schools are gaining more and more popularity: in Barcelona and its metropolitan area, there are about 40 schools you  look them up on our website here that offer an international education. Every school follows a certain curriculum, has its own teaching methods, values and advantages, but international schools offer interesting curricula, which suit the requirements of an increasingly globalized society. Attending an international school is an enriching experience for students of all ages but especially for teenagers attending high school since this experience can be crucial in determining what type of career they would like to pursue or where they would like to live in the future. Indeed, having an international influence gives students a global perspective as they explore diverse cultures and open doors to a wide range of new options.


International schools traditionally cater to internationally mobile expatriate families who work in international businesses, foreign embassies, or simply abroad. However, local students may also attend these schools in order to learn the language used as the medium of instruction at the school, which is usually English. Attending an international school while living in a new Country can really make the difference: students attending an international school in their local community are primarily influenced by the culture they’ve always been a part of. Even by spending the whole day practicing foreign languages, students will still go back to the same surroundings they’ve had their entire lives after leaving campus. Instead, students coming from a foreign country will automatically become part of a genuine and dynamic international community, gaining access to a wide range of cultures, languages, and perspectives.


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Enroll your child in an international school and benefit from different languages and cultures.


What is beneficial about an international school?

A major benefit of studying at an international school is that students come from all over the world to attend. They can be considered as melting pots of cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities, where students and teachers from all over the world come together. Studying in an international school means experiencing different cultures and religions but also learning to respect and accept diversity. Every student has an enriching experience: in an environment like this, everyone is equal and students are more likely to get along and build a community together.


Not to mention that the majority of international schools are filled with teachers and administrative staff from around the world, thus allowing the families to benefit from the global perspective of the whole faculty. The paradox of studying at an international school is that the more people you meet and places you go, the smaller the world can seem!


stuying at an international school

Your child will benefit greatly from getting to know different people from different countries and will develop a lot personally.


Children will have to face daily challenges such as language or emotional barriers, but when they do succeed in overcoming these barriers, they develop a sense of independence and confidence, alongside a sense of responsibility and maturity. By doing this, they will step outside their comfort zone and challenge their own beliefs and capabilities. It is important to keep in mind that your child will be surrounded by peers who have faced similar challenges and therefore will be able to understand and make everyone feel like they are at home.


Are there any difficulties while studying at an international school?


 Although planning an international relocation has its challenges, the benefits of studying at an international school are well worth the effort and time it takes to make the move. Barcelona also holds the headquarters of BISA (Barcelona International Schools Association) (click here to get to their website) was formed in 2012 so that the international education community could benefit from sharing information, collaborating on projects, and engaging in ongoing conversations with each other.


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Your child will grow a lot from the difficulties that such a school faces.


Lastly, your children can get an amazing network of international friends. We see people in Barcelona who have been friends for many years and still know each other through international schools.  They meet up many years later and have friends from all over the world. Make sure to chose an apartment close to an international school-  click here to see all of our beautiful apartments here in Barcelona 

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