Your best LGBTQ+ guide to Barcelona!

gay pride parade in Barcelona

Your best LGBTQ+ guide to Barcelona!

The city has so much to offer for LGBT individuals!


Barcelona is undoubtedly one of Europe’s favorite destinations for people in the LGBTQ+ community. It is an open-minded, urban and diverse city in which people can freely express themselves. Whether you are coming as an LGBT individual or couple, we at Casamona are excited to share with you our top picks for LGBT attractions in the city!

A great reference point to start with would be an area right in the heart of Eixample, known locally as ‘Gaixample’.
It is bounded by Carrer Balmes, Gran Via, Carrer Urgell and Carrer Aragó. Indeed, many from the LGBT community have moved to this area in recent years, which you can see from the pride flags hanging from balconies. It features gay and lesbian- friendly bars, shops, and more. ‘Gayxample’ is also home to the famous LGBT friendly Axel Hotel whose ‘Sky Bar’ roof-top experience you should definitely check out.

If you fancy soaking up the Barcelona sun, consider a day out to Mar Bella, a naturist and LGBT friendly beach perfect for a swim, cocktail, picnic or siesta! It has a fun beach bar and cafe called Chiringuito BeGay, a place to be yourself and make the most of your day at Mar Bella. It is a reference spot for the LGBT community and it is also a key spot during the Circuit Festival, a famous gay event in Barcelona. 


Circuit Festival Barcelona


This festival happens every year in Barcelona and is Europe’s No.1 gay festival. Festival-goers spend their days at the beach in Sitges partaking in concerts, parties, beach sports amongst other activities, and nights are for partying in Barcelona!
The next festival is from the 6-12th of August 2022. There is also the Girlie Circuit Festival, the city’s lesbian equivalent to the Circuit festival, usually held on some of the days when the Circuit Festival is runs.

Of course, Barcelona is also known for its flamboyant Gay Pride (Or ‘Orgullo Gay’) celebrations! Every summer since 2008, the city hosts PRIDE BCN; for over a week, there are festivities, parades and protests happening in public to celebrate the diversity of LGBT identity. Over 250’000 people flock into Barcelona to take part in the festivities. You can look forward to mass concerts, cultural activities, conferences, movies, exhibitions and much more. Barcelona is not a shy city!


gay pride parade in Barcelona

Gay pride parade


Barcelona is also home to loads of more low-key, every-day celebrations of LGBT culture. There are two pretty well known libraries for gay and lesbian literature. Complices was the first LGBT library of the city, and is in fact exlcusively LGBT.
It has books in Spanish, English and French, and a huge variety of DVDs and other media to choose from. Similarly, the library
Antinous has a range of narrative, poetry, theatre and memoir books as well as an extensive catalog of DVDs, all portraying LGBT themes and celebrating its richness.


Complices bookstore

Complices bookstore


Here at Casamona, we are proud to call ourselves an open and diverse company, who opens its doors to individuals of every sexuality, race and gender. Our staff and intern team is made up of people from truly all over the globe, and we are able to make everybody feel welcome thanks to our open-mindedness. We hope that, if you are an LGBT individual, this blog has given ideas of what to do upon your arrival in Barcelona, and that you will be excited to work with us to help you find a beautiful home close to your favourite attractions.


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