How will the tourism be in Barcelona this summer 2020?

How will the tourism be in Barcelona this summer 2020?

As the State of Emergency eases down in Barcelona, the question remains: How will the tourism be in Barcelona this summer 2020?


As summer approaches, and temperatures get hotter and hotter, we can’t help but to wonder what will happen to the main money-maker business in Spain: tourism. According to the ‘Plan de Desescalada’, the Spanish government predicts to allow travel during Phase 3 (as long as both cities are in this phase). This, if all goes to plan, will be June 8th. Going to the mountains and to the beach will now be allowed, as long as the security and social distancing measures are followed. How will the tourism be in Barcelona this summer 2020?

Property bubble in Barcelona

Parc Guell in Barcelona.


We believe there will be a surge in the local Spanish citizens helping out local businesses and will only travel within Spain, allowing these businesses that have suffered the effects of lockdown to recover financially. While people were very concerned about our natural environment pre-COVID, the pandemic has made people hyper passionate about saving our oceans and planet too. Many people deepened their relationships at home and over Zoom chats and wine hours while sheltering in place.  They will be super excited to connect in person when we are “let out.” 


As to how travelling will be, we have a short answer: different. Airlines are starting to sell tickets for July now, and trains and buses will only be allowed to serve 30% services at 50% capacity. Renting a car looks like it will be the preferred way of travel. As far as accommodation goes, hotels will have limitations. Therefore, family homes and touristic apartments will be the best option here. Check out our partner website for summer rentals.  Also to think about, are the new cleaning and social distancing protocols.  Marriott has launched a Global Cleanliness Council; Hilton has partnered with the Mayo Clinic, and Airbnb is requiring 24 hours between bookings.  Everyone must have strong and clear protocols for cleaning and social distancing.  Think about following the protocol of CDC and WHO and/or a trusted medical organisation and providing proof that items and areas have been properly cleaned.


Hotel W in Barcelona

Hotel W in Barcelona.


Lastly, let’s talk money. How will the tourism be in Barcelona this summer? You could think prices will surge to help overcome the financial loss from foreign travellers. However, it looks as if prices will drop to attract a higher demand of Spanish tourists. Some places of the world, like Sicily have created strategies to enforce tourism in the coming months, and they’re even giving out travel vouchers. Sounds like a deal to us!