Are investors leaving Barcelona?

Are investors leaving Barcelona?

Investors leaving Barcelona

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Are larger forreign investors leaving Barcelona? Yes! So the time for the smaller family owned businesses as come.


Millions of people visit Barcelona every year and fall in love with Catalonia’s energetic capital. Investing in Barcelona is – and will continue to be – a great investment. In fact, the Barcelona property market has been very stable for the last couple of years and so far, the pandemic has had little impact on the market. Our investment advisors at Casamona International have noticed an interesting development in the Barcelona property market.


Are investors leaving Barcelona?

The quetion now is to know if investors are leaving Barcelona? And the answer is yes! In fact, many foreign investors are selling their properties to channel resources into their home markets. This way, this movement provides a special opportunity for local investors to purchase great apartments that are ideally located and at a fantastic price. These investments are mostly 3-4 apartments in the same building. They are professionally renovated with fantastic rental or resale values.

Finally, if you are interested in making a profitable investment in Barcelona feel free to contact us for more information! You can see the links below for more of our investments opportunities:

New Opportunity for smaller local Real Estate investors

3 apartments for sale in Eixample Dreta

Apartments for sale in Eixample Dreta

4 Apartments for sale in Eixample Dreta

Apartments for sale Eixample Dreta

2 Apartments for sale Eixample Dreta

Are investors leaving Barcelona

3 apartments for sale in El Born