Why We Love Barcelona in November

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Why We Love Barcelona in November 1 Why We Love Barcelona in November

Why We Love Barcelona in November

Why We Love Barcelona in November: The Autumn Charm!


For many visitors, Barcelona may seem like a holiday destination exclusively meant for catching some sun in the summer months. However, the city stays beautiful and enriching during the autumn months of October and November. When the crowds start to disappear and the weather turns to crisp blue skies and sun, Barcelona has even more to offer! Below you will find out why we love Barcelona in November, and why you should visit.

Beat the Crowds

Whether you’re moving to a new city or only staying for a few days on holiday, getting around can be stressful. One of the best things about Barcelona in the autumn is that the decrease of tourists in the streets. This gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the hidden gems that you might otherwise miss. Unfortunately, it is well known that Barcelona has problems with pickpockets, especially around the Ramblas area in the centre. As long as you make sure to always be aware of your surroundings, you should be okay.

Barcelona’s weather is a main attraction for holiday-goers in the summer months, but no one should underestimate the fresh, autumn air that blows in, in the Autumn months. With blue skies and lots of sun, the weather in Barcelona stays gorgeous throughout October, November and even December. Moreover, temperatures average around 17 degrees celsius. The combination of fewer people and still-warm temperatures makes the beach much more pleasant than during the hot, overcrowded days of August. We highly recommend a refreshing morning swim!

park guell


Buzzing Barcelona

picasso museum

Entry of Picasso Museum Barcelona

It’s a common misconception that summer destinations like Barcelona start to shut up shop as the months get colder. However, there are still plenty of fantastic things to do and see all over the city. Of-course the Boqueria market on Las Ramblas is famous all over the world, but it is certainly not the only unmissable market in Barcelona. Palo Alto Market in Poble Nou is different, fun, and a great way to spend the weekend – especially as entry is only 3 euros! 

Another tip we have is about dodging expensive entry fees for museum! For some places, you can get free entry every Sunday after 3pm. The Picasso Museum, for example! The first Sunday of every month usually allows for free entry to museums and historic landmarks. Make sure to always check their websites for any possible deals! If you’re a student for example, make sure to bring your student ID!

Foodie Haven

Barcelona is renowned for its food and drink scene, but there’s more! Not many people realize how nice the chillier evenings can be, with most restaurants rolling out their cheapest prices and ‘menus del dia’. When walking around the city, you’ll see countless menus written on blackboards outside restaurants which offer fantastic, homemade, three-course meals. Usually between 10 and 15 euros! This is also the time of year when street vendors sell hot roasted chestnuts and gooey sweet potatoes  to really get you in the wintry Christmas spirit. In the day it is still warm enough to sit in a beautiful plaza and soak up the Spanish sun with a glass of sangria, but as the evenings close in there’s no better opportunity to cram into one of the tiny tapas bars in el Gotico or el Born and settle in with a glass of Vermouth and a pincho.

There are also numerous foodie day trips you can take from Barcelona that really make the most out of the season. For example, visiting olive groves in the rural Catalonian mountains. This is a really special trip where you pick your own olives and take home the delicious, freshly pressed oil at the end of the day. You can also visit local cheese makers making artisan products unique to this area, and learn all about the process from the producers. Winery tours have always been popular in Spain, and there are lots of different companies that offer fantastic days filled with food, wine and Catalan tradition.

Cheaper Living

If you’re looking to live in Barcelona, there’s really no better time to do it. At Casamona we offer a Scandanavian touch to real estate. We love well, naturally-lit homes with space and modern designs, all while preserving the Catalan integrity. 


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Written by Beatrice Hughes-Morgan

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