Former interns’ stories at Casamona

Former interns' stories at Casamona 1 Former interns' stories at Casamona

Former interns’ stories at Casamona

Since its establishment, Casamona International Real Estate has recruited more than 100 interns. The long-established Danish real estate company has given young students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in Spain’s dynamic real estate scene. While former interns may have already embarked on a new journey, it’s always interesting to learn about their stories and how much they have grown since their Casamona days.

This article features the accounts of two former real estate interns, Leo and Lana.

Leo Knoertzer: 2010-2011

Let’s talk about Leo Knoertzer, a French intern. He came to Casamona from August 2010 to July 2011. Although he was an intern, he stayed almost an entire year in Casamona. He contributed a lot to the company.

Work as a Rental Agent for Casamona

Starting as a rental agent, Leo’s main job involved working with local flat owners and prospective clients. Although the real estate crisis was at its peak, he was able to rent out 5 properties within 2 months. Thus he was promoted into the sales department. Despite being more challenging as he had to work with lawyers and demanding home buyers, this new position was a rewarding experience that prepared Leo for his current job.

At the moment, Leo is working as an Enterprise Account Manager at the London office of Cisco. It is a multinational IT company based in Silicon Valley. This company designs secure networking and collaboration technology. Therefore, he manages a portfolio of large customers, most of the time companies in the Media and Publishing industry. As his priority is working in sales, Leo appreciates all the sales-related lessons he learned at Casamona. For instance understanding customers’ requirements, evaluating budget, and estimating timeline.

Lana Velkov: 2020

A decade later, the new office has seen many diverse interns that have come and gone from the company. We featured a new multinational team of fresh faces at the Danish luxury real estate company in 2020.

Lana Velkov arrived to Casamona’s El Born office at the beginning of the year. She came to Barcelona in January following a highly successful exchange semester at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki. Pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Economics at the University of Exeter, Spain was her 7th country of residence.

Work as an Online Marketing Agent for Casamona 

Lana worked as a marketing intern which involved many responsibilities. She developed active experience in SEO, web analytics and blogging with WordPress while making sure the company’s portals and media ran smoothly. Back office operations were also key in her job. On most workdays, she explored the city by engaging in the digital photography of properties. Managing the presentation of listings gave her a lot of creative freedom. She could apply her former studies in art and design to create attractive adverts featuring stunning photo displays and titles from her proficient knowledge of editing softwares.

As a result, Lana became very familiar with all of Barcelona’s neighbourhoods as well as many aspects of Spanish culture, language and law. She proved a genuine interest for real estate and trends in European real estate markets. She soon became involved in the majority of photo visits and renowned for editing property photos. Being an intern not only allowed her to become skilled in the use of new technology but also to delve into different aspects of branding, psychology and communications which she would carry forward into her career.

Lana liked her time in Barcelona before the outbreak of COVID-19 in Spain. She notes the enjoyment of working in a very international team of bright students from all departments. Her newfound industry knowledge together with the skills that she has gained from her internship are a great benefit to her personal development.


Casamona is always looking for new interns. How do I become an intern like Leo and Lana? 

There are many internships available with Casamona. The descriptions of each position can be found here where you can also apply.

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