Former interns’ stories at Casamona

Former interns' stories at Casamona 1 Former interns' stories at Casamona

Former interns’ stories at Casamona

Leo Knoertzer – Casamona 2010-2011

Since its establishment, Casamona has recruited more than 100 interns, giving young students opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the dynamic real estate scene. Of course, the former interns have already embarked on a new journey. However, it’s always interesting to learn about their stories and how much they have grown since their Casamona days. Let’s talk about Leo Knoertzer, a French intern. He came to Casamona from August 2010 to July 2011. Although he was an intern, he stayed almost an entire year in Casamona. He contributed a lot to the company.

Starting as a rental agent, Leo’s main job involved working with local flat owners and prospective clients. Although the real estate crisis was at its peak, he was able to rent out 5 properties within 2 months. Thus he was promoted into the sales department. Despite being more challenging as he had to work with lawyers and demanding home buyers, this new position was a rewarding experience that prepared Leo for his current job.

At the moment, Leo is working as an Enterprise Account Manager at the London office of Cisco. It is a multinational IT company based in Silicon Valley. This company designs secure networking and collaboration technology. Therefore, he manages a portfolio of large customers, most of the time companies in the Media and Publishing industry. As his priority is working in sales, Leo appreciates all the sales-related lessons he learned at Casamona. For instance understanding customers’ requirements, evaluating budget, and estimating timeline.