5 Day Trips Outside of Barcelona for Nature Lovers.

5 Day Trips Outside of Barcelona for Nature Lovers. 1 5 Day Trips Outside of Barcelona for Nature Lovers.

5 Day Trips Outside of Barcelona for Nature Lovers.

One of the perks of living in the city is the fact that there are so many trips outside of Barcelona. So here are 5 of our absolute favourites! Barcelona is an amazing city that offers so much. The beachfront is great to relax, the city centre is a great shopping experience and in addition to that, you could enjoy an afternoon in one of the parks. After some time though, you might want to escape the buzz of the city and go out and explore nature.

We’ve gathered 5 of the best day trips from Barcelona for those who love nature. Ranging from awesome charming towns, hiking trails, mountains and nature parks. All of these places are reachable by either train or bus or a combination of both. Of course, it would be easier to go by car and possibly combine some of the stops together.


Trips outside of Barcelona

Town of Monserrat

  1.         Montserrat

This multi-peaked mountain range near Barcelona will surely impress you. If you feel like you need some time outside of the city, be humbled by nature. There are some great hiking trails in the area, for those who enjoy walking. There is also a funicular that takes you to the top of the mountain and from there you can choose a number of different routes. The journey will be about 1,5 hours and a return ticket runs for around €11,-.


Parc Natural Delta de l’ebre

Parc Natural Delta de l’ebre

  1. 2.    Parc Natural Delta de l’ebre

If you are a nature lover, this is a great place to explore. The Natural Park of Delta de l’ebre is in the delta region of the Ebro River. The Ebro Delta is one of the largest wetland areas in the western Mediterranean region. The Natural Park has protected wetlands, beaches, marshes and salt pans. It also has intricate wildlife as it has 95 species of different birds, the most famous being the Flamingos.

The easiest way to get to the park is by car and it ill take about 2 hours, another good option will be by train. The train ride from Sants station to L’Aldea-Amposta-Tortosa will take less than 2 hours and costs about 15. It’s a wonderful day trip outside of Barcelona!


  1.         Garrotxa


It is located in the province of Girona. The area is most known for its many volcanoes as well as medieval towns. A visit to this area is very diverse as there are different little towns you can visit that all have something else to offer. Besalú, for example, is well known for its middle-aged architecture and Romanesque art. In Olot you can hike up to the Volcà del Montsacopa volcano and through the forest, as well as enjoy the museums.

I would recommend renting a car for your journey to Garrotxa, taking a train or a bus simply won’t allow you to see the different spots in the region.


Waterfalls of Campdevanol

Waterfalls of Campdevanol

4.   Waterfalls of Campdevanol

This beautiful hike takes you past not only one but seven waterfalls. The track begins in Campdevànol, a village near Girona. There are multiple tracks you can take differing in distance. This is the perfect place for people who enjoy nature, hiking, swimming and possibly some high jumps as well.

You can get there by train, it’s a 2-hour journey and will cost you about 8. Or you can travel by bus, which is a 3-hour journey and will cost you about 17. Going there by car will take you about 1,5 hours but keep in mind there are parking costs.


trips outside of Barcelona

Castellfollit de la Roca

5.     Castellfollit de la Roca

This Cliffside town provides one of the most scenic views of Catalonia. The meeting point between two rivers is located in the volcanic area of Garrotxa in the north of Catalonia. This is a perfect place to stop for a few hours when travelling up north. If you would like to take a day-trip, there is plenty to see. From scenic hiking routes to cosy little restaurants and even hot air balloon rides.

You can get up to Castellfollit de la Roca by bus, train or car. We would recommend you take the bus which takes about 2 hours and costs around €20. Enjoy this day trips outside of the city!


Even though we love Barcelona, we would really recommend taking the time to explore these places outside of the city. There is something about leaving the city and enjoying the tranquillity of nature. Since these spots are all within close reach of the city, it is perfect for a little day trip outside of Barcelona. If you are more of a beach person, please check out our latest blog. 

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